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    Cosmo Training is a creative training and therapy system for people with additional needs. It consists of a set of interactive and multisensory controllers and games that motivate learners to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills through play and music. Cosmo's multi-sensory games work towards achieving skill based, functional and national curriculum compatible goals to help the child in tasks of everyday living.

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    An app aimed at young people with speech and language difficulties that effectively engages and helps improve the verbal communication whilst also improving their vocabulary.


    Dexteria Dots appears; at first look to be very simple but the more you watch children interact with the dots you begin to realise there is a lot more to it.  Through three modes of "combine", "separate" and "both" children will be able to learn a wide range of core maths skills such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The game is visually very interesting and children interact with a range of dots through four attributes. Each dot has: pips, a numeral, colour and size proportionate to its numeric value.  Children are asked to use touch screen gestures such as taps, swipes and drags to manipulate the dots.  This is a fun game with a range of difficulties and lots of potential for children to develop a range of simple (and some higher level) maths. 

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    Virtual Xylophone application for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

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    Educational games for kids is all we do.

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    Dot to Dot: Zoo Edition is the first in a series of connect the dot applications built by RouxBee.

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    Doodlecast is a unique drawing app that records your voice as you draw.

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    Hello! I'm Anatole.

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    The Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read app is digital reading program based on the Phonics Learn to read system. Early learners enjoy songs, games, and interactive lessons in this literacy app that teaches print concepts, phonological awareness and phonics word recognition.

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    Dexteria is a set of therapeutic hand exercises (not games) to improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults.

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    Dexteria Dots 2 – Fine Motor Skills and Math Concepts is an excellent tool for building math fluency and fine motor skills. Kids can learn about comparing numbers, counting, addition, and subtraction as they boost their critical-thinking skills to solve problems. There are two main options: Make Equal Dots and Compare Dots. Each option includes four levels, from beginner to expert. As kids start to play, a voice command tells them what value to make, and the timer begins. Kids have to manipulate dots to complete the challenge and are rewarded with fun animations and sounds. If they're fast enough, kids can earn bonus dots. 

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    Set the table, choose your favorite cookies and cakes, serve the tea and you’re good to go! Simply eat and drink with your finger! With Toca Tea Party, you can play together with your kids in a way that stimulates their imagination.

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