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Best Money Counting Apps

Below is the list of the best apps to teach kids to count money, including coin identification apps, free counting money games, and more.

    Add, count and recognise the British coins and notes.  £-Fun is a useful app for practising using money and contains features that allow teachers to use it to demonstrate the concepts in their lessons.

    Devices: iPhone, iPad

    This pocket money tracking app is aimed at children aged four and above. Parents sign up to a digital tracker which allows their children to keep track of their money, save towards goals and earn rewards, while parents oversee it. Children learn to manage their money between “pots” labelled spend, save, give and goals. It also gives children the chance to earn extra cash for reaching certain “achievements” and completing chores. The cost is free for the basic package, or £1.99 a month for RoosterPlus.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad