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Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude to people from different lands, races and religions.

Parents and teachers use interactive reading to facilitate interaction and social skills in a meaningful way during play dates. This method of teaching can be very effective for children as it sparks their imagination and also engages them in a social activity.

When children take turns reading a storybook out loud, they are in a sense collaborating as they work towards the goal of finishing the story, while also benefitting from the structure of the book and the spontaneous nature of the activity they are engaging in.

With interactive story books on the devices, each page becomes a place to explore - some filled with sound, videos and even mini-games. But being interactive isn't enough anymore, apps have to be visually appealing. That's why we've selected the best interactive story books that are fun to read, yet beautifully illustrated.