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Here are few best homework apps that are helpful almost all the time.

    This app is part of a school-wide service that can make the setting, administering and monitoring of homework much easier.  Schools subscribe to the service that can then be accessed on mobile devices and computers by staff, students, and parents.

    Devices: Android,iOS

    An incredibly easy to use application designed to enhance the process of setting homework and making sure that all parties, teachers, parents and students are kept informed.

    Devices: Android

    The Homework App is a visually appealing and easy to read app that allows students to color code their subjects, add subtasks, and create indications for unfinished homework and upcoming tests. The app is really easy to use and allows you to color code to keep everything organized. There’s a calendar and even a space to keep info on your teachers, like contact information. You can write in what the homework is, when it’s due, and other notes that you need.

    Devices: iOS

    GotIt! is a mobile tutoring platform that offers expert help for students who need to solve complex math and chemistry problems. This app will connect you with expert tutors from around the world. It allows you to ask questions so you can get quick answers with step-by-step explanations.

    Devices: iOS

    myHomework Student Planner is a digital-planning app for users to organize their schoolwork, upcoming assignments and daily routine. Customizing the app is easy. Users simply enter their class details into the calendar. Adding homework descriptions is quick and simple with the tap of a button. Users set the due dates, time and identify high, medium or low priority. They can also set up reminders. 

    Devices: Android,iOS