Handwriting Apps

These handwriting apps are great for helping your kids improve their handwriting skills. From traceable letters for the beginning writer to cursive worksheets for kids who are a bit older, there are plenty of handwriting apps to choose from.

Handwriting apps help kids write neatly and within the lines! If your child needs extra handwriting help, try these tips to get him on the fast track to pretty penmanship:

  • Allow your child to practice writing on paper using handwriting practice worksheets, as well as in other other ways to increase his hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.
  • Kids can also practice handwriting with fingerpaints. Fingerpaints are a great tool for young writers who might need to practice the motions before they grip a pencil.

    Letra Kid PRO is educational game for kids with ten writing fonts commonly used in schools and it includes the 3 most popular typefaces used in USA, Canada and UK.

    An app that aims to help young children learn how to read and write using a mixture of both phonics and whole language methods.

    An app that helps young children in the early stages of writing.

    Learning to Write 1- Prewriting app is an application used to help young children develop the skills of letter and number construction.

    This a fantastic app to get your children acquainted with letters, words and writing out the alphabet.

    With Wet-Dry-Try, children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters.

    Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to Write Letters from L’Escapadou is designed to help children learn how to trace letters and number.