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Educational App Store is the home of fun and educational games for kids to play and learn at the same time. The best way to get your child to embrace learning is to make it fun. Now you can do just that by encouraging them to play fun games and activities. We have selected a variety of games for kids including word, puzzle, math, geography, arcade, sports, and typing games. Some are educational games (i.e math, geography, etc.) and some are just for fun (i.e. arcade, sports).

Check out our extensive collection of games for kids that includes interactive science games, brain games, science quizzes, puzzles and activities that will allow parents to make a sensible choice and keep their kids entertained!

    letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more fun than you can shake a stick at!

    Basics for Toddlers is a fun, and educational game for preschool kids, aged one to six.

    Devices: Android

    Andoku Sudoku 3 is a Sudoku number puzzle game for smartphones and tablets.

    Devices: Android

    LEGO DUPLO Train is a train building and driving game. The objective is to build a train and ensure it completes a journey. The skills required are comprehension, creativity, and motor skills.

    Devices: Android

    Baby Flash Cards and Baby Flash Cards Lite now available on the Android Market!

    Baby Flash Cards is now even more engaging and entertaining for your kids with over 250 colorful cards specially designed to make learning new words a fun activity for you and your child.

    Devices: Android

    Elmo is calling. Who's on the phone? The adorable Elmo, of course. When Elmo calls, it's a great chance for your child to learn how to interact with others on the phone. Elmo will say basic words and sentences to them, and it's their job to respond with what they've been taught. It's cute, fun, and educational time with Elmo!

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad