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Best Games and Apps for Children

Educational App Store is the home of fun and educational games and apps for all ages to play and learn at the same time. The best way to get your child to embrace learning is to make it fun. Now you can do just that by encouraging them to play games and apps in their iPads and android devices. We have selected a variety of educational apps and games for kids including word, puzzle, math, geography, arcade, sports, and typing games. Some are educational games (i.e math, geography, etc.) and some are just for fun (i.e. arcade, sports).

Check out our extensive collection of game apps for kids that includes interactive science games, brain games, science quizzes, puzzles and activities that will allow parents to make a sensible choice and keep their kids entertained!

    Bingo is essentially an educational game based around the game Bingo as the title would suggest.

    Match different types of rubbish together in this match-three game that builds an awareness of the need to recycle our waste materials.

    This application is essentially a reading app with a twist.

    Hopster provides a safe place for young children to access educational and entertaining media.

    This simple strategy game uses a variant of the game Nim, to develop logical thinking.

    James’ Amazing Adventures is essentially a fun but educational adventure game with a delightful story line, that will capture the imagination of any pre-school child and their parents.

    The Magic Kinder App is a free application from Kinder which offer free games, bedtime stories, videos, educational facts, creativity and many other surprises.

    Animal Rescue is a delightful interactive electronic book for preschool children where a number of animals are reunited with their families from either a zoo or other communities that wish to exploit them for their value or medicinal properties.

    Young children enjoy playing simple open-ended games and this app contains many of these based on caring for babies.

    The founding of businesses receives a lot of media coverage.

    Baby Games for one year olds covers a great many of the skills that children will develop in their first experiences of using technology (such as learning to tap on objects on the screen, following moving objects on a screen and relating objects shown to their actions and choices).

    The Animals Farm for kids is an Android app that aims to help young children (aged 2-5) learn basic activities and jobs done in the countryside inside a farm.

    Pick a Pair is an engaging app aiming to teach young children new vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

    The Highlights Shapes app helps children learn shapes and colours through a fun and engaging way.

    EduBooks is an app containing a number of useful interactive worksheets for pre school and early primary stage children.

    Give children the chance to explore and exercise their imaginations in this open-ended app.

    A truly customizable math app that engages children through gameplay but allows targeted learning at the same time.

    I Love Potatoes is not your ordinary app, it is an application with a mission, a mission to change our perceptions on the consumerist society we live in, with a wonderful team of outstanding social innovators at its heart.

    11 mini-games, with even more planned, will stimulate and entertain your young child’s curiosity in this app that is cleverly designed to make it look like your device has been converted into one designed for a child.