Game Based Learning

We’ve compiled a list of high-quality, helpful resources to help educators of all subjects integrate relevant and engaging learning games into their classrooms.

    Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Kahoot allows teachers to create engaging learning games or trivia quizzes on any topic. It includes learning games and trivia quizzes - "kahoots" are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that are accessible via the app or web browser. Once teachers have finished downloading Kahoot, they can:  Assign kahoots as homework to make it awesome Reinforce learning Save time on correcting assignments (students get instant feedback) Assess learning progress in real-time The platform also allows teachers to view game reports and assess the learning progress of their classes. Because students and their instructor see immediate feedback between questions, this is a powerful formative assessment tool; students hardly notice they are evaluating their knowledge and being evaluated.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Animal Jam: Virtual Pet Design provides a kid-friendly online world where a community meets, chats, plays, explores, and, of course, collects and nurtures virtual pets. It all takes place in the explorable 3D world of Jamaa. You can download Animal Jam for free. The app allows kids to chat, so parents should ensure they set up a parental account to tune the chat experience to what they feel is acceptable. In-app purchases give kids access to extra in-game items but are not essential to enjoy the app. Animal Jam is available for free to download on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Adventure Academy is a kids' online learning program from the creators of ABCmouse and ReadingIQ. It focuses on five subjects: math, reading, language arts, science, and social studies. Adventure Academy is kidSAFE and COPPA certified. The learning experience in Adventure Academy is highly gamified and takes place in a virtual school where the other pupils are students from around the world. There is the option to include social interactions of different levels, with players completing quests to drive forward their learning. They view videos, read books, and engage in interactive activities as part of their learning.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Watching somebody who can touch-type shows just how much this skill can help a person's productivity. Animal Typing is designed to support children as they learn how to develop this useful skill for themselves. This app offers a simple and fun way for kids to learn touch typing. In this typing game, different animals such as a snail, rabbit, or horse are used based on the child’s typing skills so the faster they type, the faster the animal gets. Animal Typing is available on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows platforms.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad , Windows