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Managing your finances has never been easier thanks to growing technological advances in finance apps. The apps will help you to save money, budget for upcoming and monthly expenses and also let you know about the last date to submit dues in order to avoid overdraft and late fees.

Budget apps will act as a personal finance advisor and guide over your budget and help you to know when to spend money, identify when you are about to waste money and how you can save money.

    Unlike similar finance apps, 5coins doesn’t try to do it all.

    Mint is probably one of the better known apps out there in terms of finances, and I see why: It allows you to connect your bank account directly with the app, so all of your deposits and spending automatically update.

    Wallet Budget Tracker is the most comprehensive income and expenses tracker with reliable cloud synchronization, high safety and the unique option to manage your home finance (balance, cash flow, shopping lists, budgets, debts, warranties etc.

    Wally is well-known finance app with clear interface that lets you take control of your money.

    HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker tool that helps you to track your expenses, bill-due, account balances, income and more.