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Best Encyclopedia Apps

Encyclopedia apps are one of favorite among people all ages. Whether it’s kids or adults, they are useful and educational materials. They are of different branches ranging from history, science, geology, and others.

There are tons of collection that one has to choose from. However, we have made your selection easy. Find the best encyclopedia apps below.

    Encyclopedia by Farlex gives you free, instant access to more than 330,000 articles, over 77,000 audio pronunciations, and 24,000 images, all from the most trusted sources, including McGraw-Hill, Harper-Collins, Columbia University Press, Cambridge University Press, and more—all in one app!

    Devices: iPhone, iPad

    WikiMed is a mobile app where users can browse, search and read more than 50,000 Wikipedia articles on medical topics. It needs no internet connection once it is installed. It can be a useful tool for healthcare professionals in remote areas, travellers, and students.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    The Encyclopaedia Britannica app continues a long tradition: The encyclopedia goes back to the Scottish Enlightenment and has been published since 1768. Production of the printed version was discontinued three years ago, and since then it has only been available online - or as an app. This is modern and pleasantly designed and can be operated easily and intuitively thanks to the well thought-out structure. As the only app of the lexicon and knowledge apps tested by us, the "Encyclopaedia Britannica" has a complete alphabetical index as well as an excellent full-text search: In the results list not only all articles with the searched term are displayed, but also separately all associated images .

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Wikipedia is the official application for Wikipeda, and allows you to access the entire content of one of the greatest sources of information on the Internet, just by making a few movements on the screen of your iOS or Android device.

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad , Windows

    The only world atlas updated annually, guaranteeing that users will find the most current geographic information, Oxford’s Atlas of the World is the most authoritative atlas on the market. Full of crisp, clear cartography of urban areas and virtually uninhabited landscapes around the globe, the Atlas is filled with maps of cities and regions at carefully selected scales that give a striking view of the Earth’s surface.

    Devices: Android