Dyslexia Apps

Teaching children with dyslexia? Our dyslexia apps for parents and teachers will help you introduce the joys of reading to children who have this learning difficulty.

Check our Special Education Apps section for more apps for children with special needs and learning disabilities, including Autism, Down syndrome, AAC and social skills.

Kids with dyslexia needs to have confidence in order to learn and overcome their difficulties. Because they have experienced failure, deep down they don’t believe they are capable of learning. Few tips to the readers are help them to re-establish their self-confidence, provide them the opportunity to succeed and praise them for small achievements.

If you are the parent or teacher of a child with dyslexia, or are dyslexic yourself, you are probably already aware that there is no shortage of information, advice and apps claiming to be useful to people with dyslexia. We've included some apps below that we hope you will find useful when supporting pupils with dyslexia or dysgraphia.

    Easy Dyslexia Aid is a dyslexia only version of the Easy Spelling Aid application.

    Dyslexia Test & Tips is an app that helps you quickly identify dyslexia and create a profile of the person being tested.

    Dyslexia Tool Kit offers tricks, tips and stories that will inspire and help people with Dyslexia.

    Phonics Genius is a customizable flashcard-style app designed to help kids identify letter sounds and their relationship to words and has just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a high quality and completely enjoyable way.

    Starfall ABCs is a solid early-learning app with a thorough approach to presenting the alphabet to preschoolers.

    FirstWords: Deluxe is a fun and educational app with all universal letters and a words game for young children that includes five sections, animals or vehicles as well as shapes, colors and words around the house, making this a great app for ob...

    Dyslexia Quest is a game-based quest designed to help assess your child's memory and listening skills.

    Spell Better will help English language learners focus on expressing their thoughts in written English.

    Intro to Letters is designed to help kids learn letters and letter sounds and also learn to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori.