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For students today, coding is becoming an essential skill, just like reading, writing, and math. The benefit of learning to code is that kids develop their abilities to think logically. Encouraging them to learn to code can open up countless opportunities for their future.

Coding apps come in a range of formats designed for different ages and abilities. They often incorporate bright colors, cute characters, and elements of game design to appeal to kids.

  • Beginners (Younger Kids) typically learn to create programs by dragging and dropping visual blocks of code.
  • Intermediate users are ready for kid-friendly programming languages, specially designed to train newbies.
  • Advanced coders can start working with real programming languages that have a more gradual learning curve than what the pros use - but still produce sophisticated results.

If you are looking for coding or pre-coding apps, to learn to code, you will find everything you need here.

If you are thinking to bring coding into your classroom, check out 5 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills. Through these coding apps, kids will understand the basics of programming, gain an understanding of logic & sequence and learn the mechanics of iteration.