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These classroom management apps give the teachers a leg up in helping to keep track and be aware of each of their student's progress, to help them get the students more actively involved in class, to better plan and create their lessons and a whole lot more.

    The NEO LMS (Learning Management System) application by Cypher Learning is an award winning application used by schools and universities. The NEO e-learning platform is an educational resource tool for both teacher and student and provides a number of innovative features designed within a beautiful, modern interface for all mobile devices. The app has a number of features that can be created such as classes, assignments, grade book, lesson plans, gamification, learning paths, chat rooms, blogs and so much more. The application also integrates with a wide variety of systems including Google Drive, Google Apps, Calendars, PayPal, Microsoft Office and more. The app supports the e-learning platform and is competitive priced and provides great value for money.

    Devices: Android , iPad

    A really useful app to help with the day to day chores that a teacher is faced with and keep parents involved in their child’s interactions in the classroom.

    Devices: Android

    Remind is a safe, classroom-friendly communication tool to help teachers send messages, en masse or targeted, to students and parents. 

    Devices: Android , iPad