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Chemistry Apps

Give these great chemistry apps a go and study a wide range of important chemistry concepts and fun facts. You will love learning about the exciting experiments, solving chemical equations and look into atomic and molecular world.

    A full-blown, highly-developed mega game that mixes in Chemistry to form a solution that is like none other.

    Every single element is presented on Mendeleev’s table along with a host of useful information, images, videos and podcasts.

    GCSE Chemistry Prep Flashcards is a helpful revision aid that can be used anywhere.

    The Periodic Table app by Socratica is probably one of the best and most used apps to learn and test your knowledge about the periodic table elements.

    iChemistry is your personal chemistry tutor.

    The app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Organic Chemistry by following snack sized chapters.

    This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Chemistry by snack sized chapters to memorize key concepts.

    This comprehensive app for chemistry will help you quickly solve your homework problems, ace your tests, and quiz your understanding of basic chemistry concepts so you're prepared for your courses.

    The periodic table of elements is the stepping stone of chemistry, and everyone who wants to learn chemistry must first start by memorizing it.

    This is a stunning app that is beautifully designed with some incredible footage of chemical elements filmed by BAFTA award winner Max Whitby.

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