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From picture books to graphic novels, fantasy to family fun, here you’ll find books for kids and students to amuse and amaze, to offer first experiences and to fire young imaginations.

Picture books help children develop a sense of self. The theatrical aspect of picture books helps to keep all your students engaged and interested. They play a critical role in learning, helping students develop self-awareness and teaching them how to make inferences, among other things.

We all know that reading is one of the most important fundamental skills children (or anyone) must master to succeed - to succeed in school and to succeed in life. Reading expands a child's vocabulary, develops their critical thinking skills, and improves their communication skills, amongst many other benefits. There are several reading apps that are designed to help children develop their literacy skills.

Most of these children's book apps are appropriate for beginning readers (or those learning how to read), but a few are still applicable for proficient readers as well (especially the apps focusing on comprehension).

    Turning “Firsts” into “Fun”! The Luca Lashes series of apps for 0-4 year olds.

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    Originally starting out as a self-published book, May The Thoughts Be With You is now an educational app and features a collection of positive ideas and wisdom to inspire your days.

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    Slice of Bread loves nothing more than hunting for treasure but his day on the beach does not turn out at all the way he'd planned.

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    Read Me Stories Children's books is a collection of original digital storybooks. Books are categorized into various series such as Tales of Adventure, Animals, or an ongoing fantasy saga about a pony named Tuffy. Kids can read on their own or be read to, and some books have a few simple interactive features. Every day that kids open the app, a new book unlocks (though parents also can manually unlock books). Some series of books are free; others include one preview book with the rest available for purchase.

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