Biology Apps

Whether you have a toddler just beginning to learn the names of animals or a high schooler who wants to learn about the inner workings of a body without having to dissect a frog, there are many great biology, ecology and life sciences apps to hop into.

    This is for any student of GCSE Biology who wants to challenge their learning, whether its to prove they know it all or to help them know it all! In this app you’l...

    Discover all about the place we call home, our planet – find out the answers to questions such as where we are in space, what is deep down under the ground, who an...

    Explore, interact and learn about a wide range of biological processes and human organs with Bioanim Complete.

    The National History Museum of London's 'NHM Evolution' packages together a quite astounding amount of fossil research and geological information into a very...

    A fun way to start learning about different animals and their habitats.

    The InvisibleEar ™ app is a 3D augmented reality app specifically for biogical and medical investigation of the gross anatomy of the ear as well as the structure o...

    You make the decisions that matter as you take on the task of providing enough energy for the inhabitants of Energy Island.

    Energy for Life is a complete educational application about the vital role of human nutrition.

    Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth app is a wonderful simulation game that takes kids on a virtual exploration of the International Space Station (ISS) and learn...

    The life cycles app is a great app for Key Stage 2 Science.

    The handbook "Morphology of Plants" will be useful to high school students, prospective students and everyone who interested in biology, botany and plants.

    This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Biology by snack sized chapters to memorize key concepts.

    We love this quick quirky interactive game for identifying bones within the human body suitable for 10 years of age and above.

    Learn fascinating first facts of birds, and add bright, animated stickers to wildlife scenes in RSPB First Birds app.

    Invite and make friends with animals round the globe to your home with Animals4D.

    This app is incredible and provides hours of fun interactive entertainment as well as high quality educational content.

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