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Autism Apps for Children

Are you looking for Autism Apps to help you and your child? Since many children on the autism spectrum are visual learners, apps can be a very effective way to teach concepts. Help prepare children for new experiences and demonstrate how autism isn't a barrier with these stimulating apps.

Check our Special Education Apps section for more apps for children with special needs and learning disabilities, including Dyslexia, Down syndrome, AAC and social skills.

As part of our ongoing endeavor to provide families affected by autism, we have compiled a list of autism apps for children. Whether you are a parent, family member, caregiver or teacher of someone with autism, or you are on the spectrum yourself, we hope the following autism apps can help guide you in the right direction.

    As a teacher of children on the Autism Spectrum with complex communication needs, I am constantly looking for the most appropriate form of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) to use with the children at our school.

    Special Words is an app that seeks to address deficiencies in expressive and receptive language in addition to attention, fine motor and hand-eye co-ordination skills.

    The Autism Discovery Tool: Sensory from Within is a mobile app that aims to improve sensory environments for people on the autism spectrum by giving people in home, school, and community settings, the skills to better understand and communicate about how sensory perception can effect people on the spectrum in different ways.

    A platform for creating and sharing instructional lessons for special educational needs students.

    This app includes a social story about different emotions and feelings you may have throughout the day, and a simple visual support for asking how someone is feeling, or identifying feelings or emotions.

    Help your child achieve the Power to Read with this collection of four SUPER WHY interactive literacy games.

    Touch Trainer is a simple cause and effect app designed for an individual diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, or other special need, or a young child just learning about touch screen technology.

    PandaPal - Autism Communication System is an affordable easy to use Communication System, designed by Kim Scott, M.

    Questioning the possibility of autism in your child? “Questioning Autism?” is a free, easy-to-use educational app designed to help parents and caregivers understand more about autism, and to provide a starting point for conversations with pediatricians.

    SENspeller is an application that helps to teach letter and sound recognition to those on the autistic spectrum.

    Autism Core Skills is a comprehensive academic and social skills practice system designed for students with autism.

    An eBook on autism and fatherhood

    This eBook is inspired by children with autism and their fathers.

    Educator favorite Buddy Bear teaches grammar to children with language delays.

    The Monster at the End of This Book enhances the classic Sesame Street book with a completely immersive experience that draws children right into the story.

    Calm Counter can assist kids in getting a handle on angry or anxious emotions.

    Teach your child new skills with Camp Discovery! Developed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), Camp Discovery houses a growing suite of learning games that appeal to children and are approved by parents, teachers and professionals.

    QuestionIt is an educational app for children with autism or other significant language disorders that provides systematic instruction over multiple opportunities to teach children what kind of word answers which type of Wh question.

    Sentence Maker app is a simple sentence-forming app aimed at kindergarten and preschool that can help kids to practice sight words and sentence structure.

    First Then Visual Schedule HD is an excellent tool for creating visual and auditory apps for any pupil.

    I Can Have Conversations With You app is a social language therapy system that teaches children with autism how to begin a conversation, maintain one, and end one in a much better capacity than before.