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Apps for Learning French

Apps for Learning French

Here are the best apps to help you get started learning the French language. Here's a list of apps that can help you learn the french language, help you if you plan to travel to a country where the inhabitants speak French, or just give you a way to increase your knowledge of the french language. These can be used by adults and kids to practice their reading, writing and speaking. Each app offers a variety of learning techniques and tools so that there is something for everyone here.

    Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids blends vocabulary instruction, videos, digital worksheets and interactive games and activities together in a wonderfully-designed and aesthetically-pleasing app that welcomes your child in their early steps of French-language acquisition.

    In another travel instalment Gus, the owl, visits France and with him brings animations and games all the while introducing your son and/or daughter to some of the vocabulary basics of the French language.

    A very comprehensive French language app that teaches the language from the very basic level right up to intermediate KS4 level.

    The Learn French by MindSnacks app uses games to teach French vocabulary, grammar, and phrases.

    Babbel French is a powerful language tool developed by one of the biggest language platforms worldwide.

    If you're looking for a no-fuss way to start learning and perfecting your French language skills then the Learn French app could be the one for you.

    Students will appreciate the great variety of content, all of it useful to those interested in learning and practicing conversational French.