Best Study Apps

Best Study Apps

Studying can sometimes be stressful and even a little overwhelming - but not to worry! Here is the list of study apps that will help you organise your schedule and stay on top of assignments so you can achieve more and cram less. These app will help you study more effectively.

These days a tablet or smartphone is as essential for college students as a backpack. If you are a student, study apps are going to help you take notes, study, revise, and video call your folks at home. There are study apps for taking notes, sharing files, recording lectures, managing your tasks along with revision apps, citation & bibliography apps, organisation apps, as well as the usual social offering.

From free apps to those that cost a few dollars, you’ll find the perfect app for your specific study needs. Stay on top of your budget, your studies and the fun stuff with our pick of the best apps for students. Most of the below apps work for both iOS and Android users.

Discover some of the best study apps to make students life easier, cheaper, safer and more fun.

1. Best Free Study App: My Study Life

My Study Life is a free study app and a great option for students that need to organize their schedules. With this app, students can store information about their classes, homework, and exams in the cloud. You can keep track of homework due dates, create a detailed class calendar, sync data between multiple devices, and access all of your data offline.

Devices: iOS, Android

2. Best Organizational Study App: Evernote

Evernote is the best overall study app for students, thanks to its flexible note-taking and organizational features. Evernote makes it easy to organize all your coursework and assignments so you can quickly find what you're looking for. You can type up notes, handwrite notes and photograph them, store things as word docs or PDFs - it really is the only organiser you’ll ever need. Students can learn to better manage their digital lives via this comprehensive organizational tool.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Best Student Planner App: myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner gives you a calendar in which you can track your upcoming assignments, exams, projects and other important events, as well as a homework widget where you can sync your assignments and receive reminders for when they’re due – ideal for avoiding being caught off guard by a deadline.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. Best Calendar App: Google Calendar

Google Calendar is probably one of the best study apps for students. It is very simple to use and help you organise your studies, and if your schedule is going to be the same for a few weeks, you can easily stretch it in the app. It is a great way to keep up with your studies and assignments, as you can colour-code each event to make it easy to understand. Another great feature is inviting your friends to a meeting if you have a study session online!

Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

5. Best Writing Assistant: Grammarly

Do you need someone to proofread what you’ve just written? Grammarly is your best bud. It’s a writing-enhancement platform that uses AI algorithms to check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and style in written text.

This is a simple browser add-on that provides great real-time suggestions for over 250 points of grammar. This feedback gives you an instant direction to improve writing on many levels. Along with instant direction, Grammarly also highlights errors about spelling and grammatical mistakes. This is a must-have app for every college student!

Devices: iOS, Android, MacOS, Web

6. Best Revision App to help you study: Flashcard+

Flashcards+ by Chegg is a solid flashcard app that grades you on each of your study sessions. The flashcard features are fairly standard, letting you create two-sided cards with basic text formatting and the option to add images.

Devices: iOS, Android

7. Best Study Helper App: StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a study tool using flashcards. You can use the app or the website. You can add images to cards and can easily look up content and search to use another person’s flashcard. StudyBlue will keep statistics on your performance and chart progress. Once you are done with flashcards StudyBlue will create a quiz based off of your cards.

Devices: iOS, Android

8. Best Note-Taking App: Notability

Student can record lessons in Notability using their iPad's screen recorder. Students can replay the note at their own pace using Note Replay, on their own devices, taking notes simultaneously using Multi-Note. Notability offers a unique audio recording feature for note-takers. Notability can be an asset for collaborative learning and group projects as well, since students can brainstorm ideas, take research notes, and then quickly share them with their group members.

Devices: iOS

9. Best App for Studying: GoodNotes

GoodNotes is a powerful tool that helps you to write your study notes who want to use their iOS devices like a digital whiteboard to capture handwritten notes and compile detailed documents. If you're a handwriting notetaker, you can't get any better than GoodNotes. When you're ready to go "old school" and go back to writing as you would with pen and paper, use GoodNotes and Apple Pencil for the perfect digital simulation.

Devices: iOS

10. Best Homework Help: Brainly

Brainly is a student-focused question and answer platform where you can pick strangers' brains to solve your homework and projects. The process for submitting a new post is quite straightforward, although chances are someone has already asked the same question thanks to Brainly's active audience.

Devices: Android, iOS

11. Best Brainstorming Study App: GitMind

GitMind is an amazing free mind map app that allows you to arrange your thoughts and ideas by listing them one by one in a diagram format. Another special feature is that it has an outline function that helps you create essay outlines fast and easily. This is where you can group, organize, and see an overview of your mind map in a linear form. Moreover, project planning and team development will be a lot easier with its collaboration feature.

Devices: Web, iOS, Android and Windows

12. Best Study App for Exam Preparation: USATestPrep

USATestPrep app is designed to help to prepare students for tests in a variety of subjects. It contains monitoring and assessment tools for teachers as well as learning resources such as a videos and games for students.

Devices: Web

13. Best Citation App: EasyBib

EasyBib is an extremely useful app for students, which creates an academic reference for any book simply from a scan of the book’s barcode. EasyBib tool is definitely a must have app for college and research students. With one click you can generate citations for websites and create bibliographies.

Devices: Web

Another citation app, RefMe is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, this award-winning app makes referencing a breeze. Whether you’re searching for book/journal titles, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN, copying or pasting URLs, or even scanning barcodes, RefME has got you covered.

What is a Study App?

A study app is a tool designed to aid learners in their study process. It provides features that can help students organize their notes, create flashcards, set reminders, track their progress, and much more. With the advancement of technology, study apps have become more popular and accessible than ever before.

How does an app help study for a test?

To begin with, study apps enable you to keep your notes in one centralized location, allowing you to stay organized. This feature can be particularly beneficial for students who have multiple classes and numerous notes to keep track of. Moreover, these apps offer interactive tools that enable you to create quizzes and flashcards, which can help you retain information more efficiently.

Which App is Free for Studying?

The apps that are free for studying include: Mathway, Algebra Touch, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Office Lens, Notion, Evernote, GoConqr, SimpleMind, and Notability.

Of course, many of the valuable features may only be available in the paid version. But the free version is valuable in letting you try which one works best for you before committing to payment.

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