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Join Casper and his Scare School friends in this scarily good app which develops children’s short term memory. Casper encourages children to remember & identify items of ghoulish clothing from a range of terrifying outfits.

Complete each task to unlock a wardrobe of outfits for Casper and his friends to wear and take a picture of your creation to share and scare your friends!

Casper’s Scare School will keep your children entertained while exercising their short term memory. Children can choose to play with Casper, Ra or Mantha and dress them up in 15 scary and fun costumes including; Werewolf, Witch, Frankenstein, Vampire, Fairy, Princess, Knight, Astronaut and Pirate.

Once the child has chosen their character, Casper encourages them to memorise the full costume they are wearing. Then they are presented with a series of memory tasks to identify the correct items of clothing to match their chosen character.

* Challenges short term memory and ability to group pictorial info into themes using dress-up motif
* Develops object recognition and sorting/grouping skills as well as recall for active (short term) memory
*Increasingly harder memory tasks as the child progresses.

Children can also interact with Casper in the ‘wardrobe’, where they can dress him up in items of clothing from whatever characters they have ‘unlocked’. Then once the scariest possible costume has been created, they can choose to take a photo to share with friends or family!

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