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Developer Description

--Medical Student Apps: Cardiology--


Medical Student Apps: Cardiology is a high yield reference text for medical students. This application has been designed specifically to deliver the key points and concepts for students in the preclinical and clinical phase of their medical studies.

For preclinical medical students, this application highlights core concepts in anatomy, physiology and pathology. It focuses on high yield topics that are commonly tested in preclinical examinations.

For the clinical medical student, this application offers a high yield rapid review of the basic sciences, history and examination, investigations, management strategies, and clinical conditions.

For all medical students there is a flash card exam zone that allows students to test their knowledge as they learn.

The application is being continually reviewed and updated. To offer suggestions on how the app can be improved please e-mail: or visit . Your feedback is important and allows us to provide you with the apps you need for your studies!

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