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About CanaryFlow

Canary Flow is a software platform to support all your iPad teaching and learning needs. This app workflow platform was built to automate mundane tasks in the classroom, giving teachers more time to teach. Canary workflow features include assignment distribution, collection, grading, class scheduling, lesson planning and integration and so much more.

CanaryFlow Review

Once the app is open the user is shown a splash screen that enables the user to log in with either a Google, Canary workflow account or a ‘quick Start’ option, this leads into the home platform.

The in-app guided tour instructions support the user from the offset giving clear guidance through each section of the app (this can be turned off if required). We recommend that the user works their way through the in-app instructions. The Home screen has three icons in the top right hand corner ‘The home button’, ‘Classes’ and ‘Settings’. The app is presented in a clear and logical manner with clear graphics and typography.

The ‘course builder; can be found on the home platform where courses and lesson/units or sub-units can be added. Creating a new course and lesson is very easy including importing any previous lessons created or lessons from other subjects. This is great for sharing elements of lessons or sharing with teachers across the department or school. Creating a lesson enables the teacher to create student enriched content including assignments, homework, student resources and teacher resources. A direct classroom code is also available here for students to direct access the content. Lessons and courses created can also be rearranged within the curriculum saving time and enabling teachers to be more versatile with their teaching. The ‘Calendar’ icon in the app allows the user to see the lesson planned for the day as well as assignments that are due in. Students can see all of the content teachers want them to see in this app. All assignments past, current, and future are in one location for easy viewing. Both teachers and students have a calendar view to see any and all content for each class.

One of the great features about this app is the management of assignments for both distributing and collecting. This app allows teachers to distribute and collect assignments and materials. Students can see materials and assignments, even when they are offline. With one click, students submit their completed work. Teachers have instant feedback on who has and has not completed assignments. No more checking in assignments to see if they are all there, no more ticking off names to see who has handed the work in. We really love this feature of the app however we would like to see a greater selection of grading options especially for the UK market and the use of a reward system once an assignment has been handed in might be a good incentive to the pupil to collect, although this may be more suited towards younger users.

Once the app has collected the assignments the teacher now needs to mark the work. This is where this app comes into its own with the unique ‘Grading Tool’. This tool will save hours of time for teachers. With offline access and no document loading time, teachers can grade anytime and anywhere. The apps ‘Grading tool’ enables teachers to mark digitally directly onto the assignment by using the tailored icons. Comments that are hand written can be saved to used again and again from the drop-down menu. The grading can be automatically scored into a table format for an overall glance of the assignment. The ‘Grading tool’ can remember assignments from today, tomorrow and the future. This is an excellent feature within the app and one that will truly benefit the teacher and student. We would however like to see an area where students can also feedback onto their assignments by creating targets that can set for their next assignment. Much emphasis in UK schools is placed on student feedback and target setting which is not that evident in the app at the moment.

The app also enables the user to sync the device in the background. The app operates seamlessly with the app version working offline teachers and students can use the app even without a network connection. This offline feature also enables teachers to grade on the go whilst travelling or form home. All changes to lesson, schedules and assignments are pushed automatically across the platform once the user re-connects to the network. There is no need to manually sync, press a button, or remember to save to your computer or to a cloud drive.

The options and versatility of this app is endless and we have touched on just the main features of the app. The app also includes a scheduler, links to Google drive, the ability to export documents and grading, a gradebook, message sending and so much more. The app works effortlessly with the sister app ‘Canary `Student work flow app’. The ‘student’ and ‘teacher’ experience is flawless and this is certainly an app that is paving the way for the digital classroom.

In summary this app has been developed with the teacher in mind and is by the far one of the best on-line teacher platform teacher tools that we have come across. Its linear platform is easy to use and is fully supported by its developers. Please note that the app is American based and some of the terminology and grading may not suit the UK teaching market. However, this is a small oversight at the present time and the app can still be used to organise all teachers on a day to day basis. The developers have a real appreciation of how teachers are using this app on a daily basis and continue to make improvements. The app also works seamlessly with the Canary Workflow student version of the app. Highly recommended by EAS.

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