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Calm Counter

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About Calm Counter

Calm Counter can assist kids in getting a handle on angry or anxious emotions. The social story is brief, simple, and inclusive ("Everybody gets angry."). Many kids will likely feel quite reassured by the fact that a tool like this even exists, normalizing their emotions. 

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iPad, iPhone


Emotional Development
Health & Fitness


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Calm Counter is a visual and audio tool to help people calm down when they are angry or anxious. The app includes a social story about anger, and audio/visual tools for calming down.

The app opens up to a “I need a break screen” that vocalizes “I need a break” when it is tapped. The screen then transitions to a red screen with an angry face and the number ten. With each tap the screen transitions to a calmer face and color. In this way, the app prompts the user to count backwards from ten followed by a deep breath.

The app also includes a simple social story with line drawings about anger. The social story talks about feeling angry and things you can do, like counting to ten, breathing deeply and taking a break, to calm yourself down.

The settings screen allows you to choose from male, female or no vocals for counting back from ten and for reading the social story out loud.

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