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About Callipeg

Callipeg is an intuitive and fully featured app for producing fantastic-looking animations on iPads using an Apple Pencil. You can download it free and enjoy a seven-day trial before choosing a low-priced subscription option or lifetime purchase. A supporting website provides guides and video tutorials to help make learning about animating with Callipeg as easy as possible. Callipeg is suitable for anyone with interest in learning to animate and the motivation to stick with the ongoing learning process.

Callipeg Review

What is Callipeg app?

Callipeg is a one-stop app for creating 2D animations. It has fantastic 2D drawing tools and robust animation features that employ industry-standard methods. With an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and a copy of Callipeg, you'll have an animation tool at a price and level of sophistication that not long ago would have seemed impossible.

Callipeg has multiple brushes to enable the art style you want, layers to organise and facilitate content, and audio to bring your creations out of silence. The app uses its device format effectively by using the Apple Pencil's pressure features to reflect how hard the artist presses—we are told tilt is due to be added soon. Touch gestures of the screen to navigate and manipulate the tools and canvas.

While an Apple Pencil might be an additional purchase for you to use this app, it is cost-effective compared to a drawing tablet for a PC or Mac. Combined with the low subscription price of Callipeg, the combination of iPad, Apple Pencil, and Callipeg make for a compelling option for would-be animators and experienced ones looking for a portable option.

What we love about Callipeg app.

Callipeg's intuitive design makes the learning curve associated with building new digital creation skills as painless as possible. Features work logically; users don't have to learn about them all at once. They can start creating and slowly build up the complexity of their output by trying new features as they become proficient with others.

The app's supporting website is informative and inspirational, showing what users can create and how to do it.

Some animation software works by users bringing in images they have created elsewhere. You can do this with Callipeg, but its drawing tools are good enough for many people to use it just for stills. In fact, this would be a good starting point. New users can become familiar with the app and not feel overwhelmed by the options if they first create a few stills.

What skills does it teach?

Callipeg is a productivity app rather than an educational tool. It does, however, have uses in an academic setting.


Make no mistake, kids will have to dedicate time and effort to learn Callipeg. In doing so, they will have built independent-learning skills, learned conventions applicable to many other productivity apps, and perhaps gained a lifelong interest in art and creativity.

The app could be especially suitable for kids who have enjoyed kid-focused animation apps but have started to feel artistically constrained by the limitations imposed by simplicity.


Animations are effective for teaching many different topics and concepts. They are beneficial now that educators deliver more lessons remotely and make teaching materials available online. Teachers who become proficient with Callipeg can produce some excellent tuition aids.

What age is it appropriate for?

There is nothing unsuitable in Callipeg for any age, but the app's learning curve might be a bit much for kids below upper primary or elementary school ages. Kids and adults will have to be prepared to put in some time and practice, so this is an app where the trial must be put to good use to determine its suitability.

A child of 11 might become fascinated with the animation process, while one of 14 could lack the dedication to build enough familiarity with the tools. The key factors in whether the app is suitable for kids are their motivation to learn and how well they can absorb information from the online tutorials and guides.

Is Callipeg app easy to use?

Callipeg is not aimed at children as it is a powerful animation tool. However, motivated upper elementary or primary-aged kids can learn to use software of this complexity. It will have a learning curve, but with support and dedication, kids who get the animating bug will be able to build their skills using the app.

There are written and video guides that explain the different tools in the app and how to use them. The app follows the conventions of many other art and animation apps, so skills learned using Callipeg will be transferable to other apps and software. The reverse also applies—kids who have learned to use simpler art tools should be able to apply them to this app.

An associated digital course is available for anyone who wants to further their animation skills. The course is a separate purchase and is not part of this review but knowing that it exists as an extra gives more options to learners and educators, which is always welcome. It might also be helpful to teachers who wish to teach animation in an art lesson as it uses Callipeg exclusively.

How will students benefit?

In this review of Callipeg, we've referred to transferrable skills and these are important for kids. Callipeg uses layers, transformations, timelines, and brushes which are tools it has in common with other art apps. The app also uses onion-skinning, timelines, and markers which they'll find on video editing and other animation software. Once students understand these concepts, they'll have a head start in other art apps. 

The convenience and natural use of an iPad and Apple Pencil make Callipeg an excellent place to start kids off on their digital creation journey. They'll be using their screen time more productively than playing games but not feeling like they are extending their school time.

How will parents benefit?

Parents often want kids to spend less time playing computer games while kids are fascinated by screens. Creative apps are a great middle ground. Kids using them develop general learning skills and realise that modern technology means that they can be creators and not just consumers.

Kids who stick with Callipeg will become confident in their ability to learn for themselves and proud of what they can make. They will also learn that satisfaction comes not only from easy entertainment but also from learning and making.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers could realistically use Callipeg as the base for art lessons or afterschool clubs based on learning to animate. Anyone who already has familiarity with other animation software should find Callipeg a straightforward adaptation. 

Alternatively, teachers could combine a hobby in animation with producing lesson resources. Animations moving numbers around, bringing stick figures to life and more can make fun teaching aids in many subjects.

What can Callipeg app improve on?

A feature often seen in productivity apps is a tutorial built using the tool itself. This would be an excellent fit for Callipeg as it would give learners both guidance and material to use for experimentation.

A few simple ready-made templates, graphical assets  or projects would make the app more welcoming for kids. While the app's interface is clearly laid out, it might seem a little overwhelming to a beginner with animation software.

Good to know

There is an excellent user guide to help with learning this app. The guide has plenty of written and video guides that effectively explain how to use the app. This learning material is unavailable within the app, instead residing on the supporting website. 

The decision to place the user guide on the web is not a negative point but is something that users should realise before they buy Callipeg.  Web access will require an internet connection which could cause problems if you cannot rely on an internet connection.

You must use an iPad to download this app as the App Store won't allow you to get it on an iPhone. Apart from the impracticality of trying to animate on a small screen, Callipeg requires the use of an Apple Pencil, which is not supported by iPhones.

If you intend to get an Apple Pencil to support your child's interest in art and animation with this app and others, ensure that their iPad is compatible. There are two types of Apple Pencil: some iPads support one, some support the other, and some older iPads do not support either.

Export options:

Artists want their art to be seen. When your kids have made their animated masterpieces, they will want to share them with friends and family. Callipeg's export options are comprehensive and will let them output creations that do not need the recipient to own Callipeg. They also make Callipeg a great addition to other productivity apps which allow you to bring in other files. 

Supported output formats are: mp4, hevc, gif and png.

Relevant files from the iPad's Photo albums or files are accessible by the app for building into an animation.

Schools that also use photoshop can import and export PSD files.

If your school has courses that use Adobe After Effects, Toonboom Harmony, TVPaint animation or Blender, Callipeg can also export in formats that those programs can use.

How much does Callipeg app cost?

New users of Callipeg can use a free seven-day trial before taking out a subscription or a lifetime purchase.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

An app like Callipeg rewards practice. Kids who take to it will want to learn to use the app to its fullest, and they won't be able to do that with intermittent access. Fortunately, there are two subscription options. The monthly option is far from expensive, but we'd recommend that option only in the first instance if you want to be sure your kids will stick with using Callipeg. 

When you are confident that the app is a good fit, switch to the even better value yearly subscription. A lifetime licence is a great option that can save you even more over the long term. At a time when apps are becoming increasingly subscription-based, this option is welcome.

If you are purchasing Callipeg on behalf of a school, you can use Apple School or Business Manager to get a discount for volume purchases. Contact the developer to do this.

Is Callipeg app safe to use?

Callipeg is a creative tool, so the app's contents are in the user's hands. The app does not contain advertisements.

Overall rating of the app.

Callipeg is not an app designed for young kids, but it could be one that kids with an appropriate level of interest and motivation could enjoy. The app's website shows that it can produce stunning animations and is a capable tool. 

No app could help kids or adults produce pro-level animations on their first day of use. There will be a learning curve for everybody, and many kids (and many adults) may not be prepared to stick with it. It won't be the fault of Callipeg. It is as intuitive as you could hope for from such a feature-rich and powerful app. Animation as an artform also takes ongoing study to become proficient.

Those who invest time and effort into using Callipeg won't regret it. They'll have a new creative outlet that can produce stunning animations and will have laid a general groundwork for other digital creative apps.

Callipeg is a superb app, but those interested in it for themselves or their kids will need to be honest about the effort the user will be motivated to put into it. This app is perfect for testing with a trial, so we recommend giving it a go and seeing if it sparks an artistic flame.

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