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About Calculator of Fractions

Calculator of fractions is a really useful app designed for students to calculate problems with fractions. This is a powerful tool for both children and their parents, and can help children self-assess and review their work.

Calculator of Fractions Review

Calculator of fractions is a really useful app designed to calculate simple and complex problems with fractions. The application can be used on an iPad but it has been optimized for best use on an iPhone. This no fuss, no nonsense application with an intuitive layout for a fractions calculator will get pupils solving problems efficiently and quickly.

Downloading the app is very straightforward and the pupil is ready to get going instantly, with no registration procedure to slow you down. The programme is conveniently locked into a portrait mode to take advantage of the screen size to pack in the required elements of a fractions calculator. The screen of the calculator is well laid out; typically, with most calculators, the top third of the screen displays the input and final results of the calculation. Below the display of the calculation on the left half of the screen is the whole or decimal number entry screen, which includes a backspace button. To the right half of the screen, below the display, the app divides into two number entry displays, one above the other, thus intuitively presenting the numerator and denominator sections of a fraction. The ‘+ - x ÷’ buttons are neatly laid out between the display and the input screen this also includes the plus/minus and ‘Clear’ buttons also. The various sections of the screen are carefully coloured to denote their different functions, for example the display screen has a sky blue hue background to clearly emphasise the number shown.

When calculating problems the pupil has a number of excellent features; they can for example mix proper fractions, improper fractions, whole and decimal numbers in the same calculation. The student also has the option of adding a maximum of ten members to the calculation with up to three digits for each number, including the numerator and denominator. The members of the problem can be reviewed easily by using the horizontal scroll bars to view what the pupil has entered. The app also gives the pupils an option to change the number they have entered by using the backspace button provided for each of the three keyboards, main, numerator and denominator. Regardless of the order in which you input the member numbers the app will calculate them in the right sequence, with multiplications and divisions first, followed by additions and subtractions.

The result of the calculation is usefully displayed in three types on the screen; a mixed number if the result is larger than 1, an improper fraction if the result is bigger than one or proper if the result is smaller than one. The result is always displayed in the top section of the display as a decimal. Many pupils will just want to quickly convert a decimal to a fraction, a fraction to a decimal or just reduce a fraction, this is simply achieved by entering the number type into the app and then pressing the ‘=’ key to display the result.

The application has a simple but effective web page that displays a graphic of the calculator explaining the various different parts of the app. Listed on the page is also a section sub headed: ‘With your Calculator of Fractions you can:’ this lists exactly what can be done with the app and provides a comprehensive selection of features that the pupil can try out. A troubleshooting section, which lists some common problems, also provides the reasons and solutions in a succinct but effective way. On this page is a contact point for further help if needed.

Overall the application is a very useful addition to the toolbox of any aspiring professors of maths.

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