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  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+

About Calculator +

Calculator+ app is one of the better full-featured calculators, offering several different modes and calculator styles, supporting scientific, handwriting, polynomial, linear, graphing, and currency. 

Teacher Review

Calculator+ (free, $5 to unlock all modes) keeps its flexibility by putting the main portion of the keyboard—with the numbers and enter commands—in one section while including a scrollable bar for the function-specific keys. This keeps the design consistent yet allows you to quickly find what is needed for an equation.

The handwriting calculator takes a little bit of work. Calculator+ makes you go through the exercise of writing out what the app confusingly calls "shapes"—each of the numbers and math symbols—in order for the app to recognize your handwriting.

However, once this is done you can write math equations with a stylus or finger, which is rather convenient. It also may help younger students who are just getting started with build some confidence with numbers.

Another bonus of unlocking the full version is the customization, which lets you choose from several different themes to change up the look of the calculator. 

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App Details


iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


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Award winning calculator app for iPad and iPhone. Designed with simplicity, usability and beauty in mind!


- Free scientific calculator
- Apple Watch support
- Elegant & Intuitive interface
- Supports handwriting
- Displays both the equation & the result at the same time
- Supports Fraction & Percent
- Supports many scientific functions
- Advanced editing by easily going back and forth
- Can be added to Today Screen

If you are looking for more advanced features you can upgrade to one or more of the following:

- Handwriting Calculator
- Fraction Calculator with feet, inches & cm support!
- Solving for x with a polynomial Calculator for solving quadratic & cubic equations
2x³ - 4x² - 22x + 24 = 0
- Linear Equations Solver for solving system of linear equations
2x – y = 9
3x + 4y = –14
- Graphing Calculator to find the local min, max & intersection points
y = 2x³ – 4x
(x² + y²)³ = -27y²x²
- Currency Converter
- Base Converter ( HEX OCT BIN DEC )
- Multiple themes

Enjoy the FREE Scientific calculator on your iPhone & iPad. If you like it, support us by upgrading or giving us a positive review.

Thanks :)

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