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Caillou: What's That Funny Noise? - Lite - i Read With educational reading program for preschool kids

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  • Caillou: WhatCaillou: WhatCaillou: WhatCaillou: WhatCaillou: What


Discover this innovative shared reading method to help your child get ready to read! iRead With is a top learning and educational method for kids in Preschool to foster language development.

Follow Caillou and his parents while they try to put Caillou to bed. Caillou hears funny noises and can't fall asleep. That's when the action starts! Mommy and Daddy are always around to help Caillou and show him what the funny noises and shadows really are. Find out if Caillou (and family!) actually get a good night sleep.

“Caillou: What’s That Funny Noise? is an outstanding example of an interactive ebook for young children." 

"Caillou: What’s that Funny Noise? exceeds expectations for graphic design, animation, creativity, and user interface. It’s exactly the kind of story app that will enrich your child’s mind and create a love of books." 

"We have tried many eBooks for our kids and nothing has quite grabbed their attention like iRead With Interactive eBooks. The concept of the stories is genius." 

Based on the hit TV series, this animated story is part of iRead With, a new read-aloud program created to foster language development and help preschoolers get ready to read.

iRead With animated stories are designed to make children talk and participate in the shared reading activity.

iRead With is based on the dialogic reading method developed in conjunction with University of McGill's Child Phonology Lab.
Parents follow a prompting system that encourages them to start a conversation with the child, by asking questions about the story. Children become actively involved in the narrative and get stimulated in a multi-sensory level.

“Finally an activity that brings us together on the iPad!” - Mom of a 4-year old

While you will have access to ALL the app features with the light version, you only have the first 4 pages of the eBook. You can still practice the reading method with your child and decide if you prefer to buy the full version. A link to the full version can be found within the app.

How does the prompting system work?
Narrative sequences are punctuated by prompts and conversation starters, inviting to talk about the story and the world around us.

Speech and oral language, vocabulary, phonological awareness, emergent literacy concepts, narrative skills and comprehension strategies.

Touch living words to trigger sounds and animations.

Animations are tied to the story to create a meaningful experience. Tap them to find a surprise!

Select an avatar to personalize your reading experience.

Important words can be recorded. Children can also create and record their own dialogue lines.

Play with story puppets and create your own animated stories in the Story Theatre.

Choose to have the story automatically narrated, always after a first shared reading experience.

There are three reading levels with more living words to discover, and new prompts to engage conversation.

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