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About BusyKid

BusyKid lets you use allowance to teach your kids all about modern money management. BusyKid is using technology to modernize the ancient system of allowances, allowing kids to have their weekly chore wages direct deposited and giving them tons of modern money management options, like saving their money, donating it to charity or even investing it in the stock market.

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Kids check off chores as they are completed, and come payday (every Friday), kids receive their allowance for a job well done. The app is connected to a parent’s bank account and parent approval is required before money is transferred to the child’s BusyKid account - which is safely held at an FDIC-insured bank. Parents get to set when payday is, approve chores that kids have done and see when and where kids are using their money.

Parents determine each week’s allowance and can allocate their child’s earnings into three categories: save, share, and spend. BusyKid suggests preset allowances based on a child’s age. (For example: For a nine-year-old, BusyKid suggests allocating 40 percent to save, 10 percent to share, and 50 percent to spend—but parents can change these percentages at any time.) Parents also have the option to give bonuses for kids who go above and beyond.

Using the app, kids easily track the money they earn and are able to move money around in their BusyKid account. From the spend account, kids have the option to request cash or buy a gift card for more than 200 retailers. The money can also be transferred to a BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card for the child to use, with a $5 yearly fee. Kids may also choose to invest in stocks or donate money to a charity. Parents must approve all spending, and are able to monitor their child’s activity - chores, earnings, and spending—at any time.

BusyKid costs $15 per year for a family subscription, following a free 30-day trial. Available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

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BusyKid is the first and only chore app that allows a child to earn real allowance and decide how to save, share, spend and invest it. It's your kids first job with direct deposit!

Ideal for kids 6-16, BusyKid helps your child learn finance-related routines long before adulthood kicks in. The app is extremely easy to set-up and it won't cost your family hundreds of dollars to use.

Brand New Features:

Chore Calendar - Similar to all mobile calendars, the Chore Calendar allows parents to set daily, weekly, and monthly chores, schedule any task on a future date, or arrange for chores to repeat.

Parent Dashboard - This is the one place where a parent can see what ALL the children are doing, earning, and spending. See the entire family or a single child with a single touch.

Child Dashboard - The kids weekly allowance and balance of a BusyKid Spend Card are prominently centered at the top of the dashboard, but the page also includes the options to save/invest, share or spend any funds in the account.

Activity Stream - Included in both the parent and child menus, the activity stream displays all account activity for each day, as well as any money moved or spent by a child.

Push Notifications - BusyKid now uses push notifications to alert parents to specific activity and approval for weekly payday.

Increased Charities - Children have the option to donate their allowance to more than 20 charities that have joined the BusyKid family or to a charity of their choice.

Key Features:

• Quick set-up and fast motivation for children
• Uses real money for paydays and bonuses
• Age based chores and activities
• Age based allowance
• Push notification approvals
• Parental monitoring of all activities
• Clearly displayed account balances
• Parents are able to pay a bonus
• No age limit to use a BusyKid Visa Spend Card
• Children can invest in real stocks
• Children can donate to over 20 charities
• Works on any iOS mobile device

While many similar apps charge for a family to subscribe to use their system, the BusyKid platform is free. Parents do have the option to purchase a BusyKid Prepaid Visa Spend Card ($7.99/yr) for a child, but the card is not required.

BusyKid wants each Friday to mean more than just the last day of the school week. It's Payday! Once a parent approves the payday alert, allowance will automatically transfer to the save, share, and spend areas inside the child account on Friday morning. Think of BusyKid as the first job for your child with direct deposit.

BusyKid provides children four ways to spend their allowance:

1) GET CASH: Children send funds back to a parent for cash.
2) BUY STOCK: Learning to invest is important and kids can now do it. Buy fractional shares of real stock in top companies.
3) MAKE DONATIONS: Sharing allowance teaches kindness!
4) BUSYKID VISA PREPAID SPEND CARD: A rechargeable Visa Card, is basically a debit card for kids which can be used in stores or online. There is no ATM access at this time.

All four outlets provide a child practice in decision making, much like what will be needed as an adult. Financial success is no longer just about learning how to spend wisely.

Parents have the ability to approve all transactions when money is moved outside the BusyKid platform (donation, buy stock, money to spend cards and request for cash) as well as every payday. However, we've designed the app to be a teaching tool where mistakes can be part of the learning experience. Better to make them now with a few bucks compared to later with hundreds.

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