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Busy Water is a great pipe-connecting puzzle game that challenges kids to problem-solve and apply basic physics to get a goldfish safely through a maze of pipes.

The puzzles are more challenging with each level. The app encourages kids to discover, experiment, and stretch out their cognitive and reasoning skills skills in this set of puzzles that touch on engineering and other STEM concepts. It will also increase their understanding of cause and effect.

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Developer Description

Does your child love to play with water? Well, now he can do it without making a huge mess!

Busy Water is a critical thinking puzzle game based on amazing water physics. The objective: use pipes, spray, paddle wheels and blocks to help Archie the fish get back to his tank.

Each level has multiple solutions developing creativity as well as logic and reasoning. #Thinkoutsidethetank !


  • Brought to you by the creators of Busy Shapes & Crazy Gears
  • 100+ challenging levels with multiple pathways
  • A unique “Build Mode” to create an endless possibility of levels to be shared with your friends.
  • A dozen accessories to freeze, heat, jet stream water

Busy Water encourages children to transfer, control and engineer water in every level of the game. Each level provides new and exciting challenges to develop problem-solving skills. Children also can create their own levels using the Build Mode and become “outside the tank” water engineers. Their creativity will become boundless as the sea and they will feel super proud when they successfully bring the fish back home safely!


  • Understanding cause & effect
  • Building cognitive agility & reasoning skill set
  • Exploring physics & different states of water
  • Learning to problem solve in a controlled environment
  • Encouraging the growth of creative engineering
  • Promoting the refinement of fine motor​ skills
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