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Busy Shapes & Colours

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  • age 5+

About Busy Shapes & Colours

Busy Shapes 2 is a breathtaking 3D puzzle game designed for kids 4-8! This app takes Edoki Academy's award winning exploratory playground, Busy Shapes, to new heights. With 100+ 3D levels that teach your children about visual perspectives, coordination, agility and critical thinking it's sure to dazzle their senses!

Teacher Review

Busy Shapes is far more than an app designed to recognize shapes and name them, it teaches spatial relations and how the shapes relate to one another and the space around them. The focus isn’t on rote memorization – toddlers must use early critical thinking skills to manipulate shapes and move them through puzzles. Play difficulty increases at each level and moves quickly to keep kids engaged. Busy Shapes is a digital playground filled with geometric shapes and corresponding holes invites exploration by the toddlers to support cognitive development, including shape, size and color matching. It cleverly sets forth logical thinking challenges that get progressively harder. 

Busy Shapes app involves many different skills and incorporates them all into a fun matching shape activity. The user is allotted 10 minutes of play at a time and during those 10 minutes, the tasks become increasingly more difficult. The 6 levels are never announced or shown to the user. The tasks just get a little more challenging each time.

Help your child learn to handle simple objects through a series of puzzles. Kids can change simple shapes and place them in the proper-sized holes. It qualitatively teaches kids about 2D shapes by matching shapes with holes. The passionate kids would learn to distinguish color, size, and shapes through over 110 self-adjusting levels.

  • Level 1 is a basic matching the shape to the corresponding hole so the user has to drag the shape to the matching hole.
  • Level 2 has a sticky puddle in their way so they either have to do more work to drag it through the puddle or go around the puddle.
  • Level 3 has hidden shapes and objects.
  • Level 4 consists of barriers that must be moved in order to get the shapes to the corresponding holes.
  • Level 5 gives the user tools to help move the shapes.
  • Levels 3-5 require some problem solving skills and on level 6, all the shapes are moving, which requires some real hand eye coordination.

The user's progress is tracked and can be viewed by an adult in the "adult's corner". Touching the adult figure in the left hand corner grants access to the adult corner. Before entry, the user is presented with a multiplication fact that must be answered correctly to gain admission. This step is to ensure it was not the user that accidentally hit the corner. In the adult corner, the option is available to create up to 40 different user profiles. Another option is a comments section where the adult can type comments about the user’s progress and email them.

Busy Shapes is a great app to use to develop a variety of different skills and the app can grow with the student's abilities and cognitive levels.


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  • Busy Shapes & ColoursBusy Shapes & ColoursBusy Shapes & ColoursBusy Shapes & ColoursBusy Shapes & Colours


The newest addition to Edoki Academy line of educational games.Busy Shape & Colours aims to entertain toddlers while giving them the opportunity to learn the name of different shapes and colours.

A fun, motivating, and highly intuitive playground to learn the names of 11 shapes and 11 colors, specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Surprise! our cute penguins entertain children as they progress through the levels.

What’s more, as teachers we know that some children need more time to learn so we’ve built in a unique “practice mode” enabling parents and teachers to select only one shape or one colour to focus on.

Busy Shapes & Colours’ game play is simple, perfectly adapted to toddlers, it is specifically designed to sharpen their fine motor skills. Also, as children progress through the levels, they encounter new challenges, maintaining their level of interest and engagement. For instance, fun effects on the shapes increase the level of rapidity and dexterity needed.

Based on the Award-winning Busy Shapes app, this game is 100% intuitive, making it ideal preschoolers. From the onset, children can choose to focus on colours or shapes or mix them together. No matter which path they choose, they will regularly discover a cute penguin animation, keeping them motivated to go further.

The free version includes 10 levels of each game. The Full version (in-app purchase) features:

  • 150 seamless incremental levels
  • Multitouch play
  • 4 play modes: colors, shapes, colors & shapes, “focus"
  • 11 shapes, 11 colors = 121 combinations
  • Unique shape and color “makers”
  • Fun effects on the shapes: moving shapes, disappearing shapes…
  • Cute penguin animations
  • 15 languages
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