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Busy Shapes 2

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 5+

About Busy Shapes 2

An app designed for children from 2 years, and up, and has a focus on very early education. The app is all about helping little ones recognize shapes, and colors, while directly using touch. Each screen offers one, or two shapes to interact with, and the goal is to drag shapes into matching holes. For instance, drag a yellow triangle piece into the yellow triangle hole. As the child advances, there are gates to slide out of the way, shapes that move by themselves, three different shapes for two holes, and more challenges.

Graduates of Busy Shapes now have 100 additional puzzles to solve, with this second edition. This time the puzzles are presented in 3D, on sliding platforms. Timing is involved when one of the platforms moves. You discover trap doors, time bombs and switches that require plenty of trial and error style problem solving. As with the first Busy Shapes, you can easily reset a level using the "redo" option

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iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Creative Development


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  • Busy Shapes 2Busy Shapes 2Busy Shapes 2Busy Shapes 2Busy Shapes 2


Are you looking for a fun and enjoyable learning experience for children from the age of 4, exercising important developmental skills through engaging gameplay?

This app takes Edoki Academy's award winning exploratory playground, Busy Shapes, to new heights. With 100+ 3D levels that teach your children about visual perspectives, coordination, agility and critical thinking it's sure to dazzle their senses!

A new generation of shape sorters is born!


  • 100 + visually and sensorially stimulating levels
  • Unlimited attempts to foster the simple pleasure of solving a puzzle
  • Avoid hidden traps:
  • Sticky patches
  • Glass box
  • Barriers
  • Discover numerous magical tools to help you along your journey:
  • Springs,
  • Planks,
  • Bombs,
  • Moving platforms,
  • Secret passageways
  • Experience 4 beautiful worlds inspired by nature designed by Parisian studio iP3
  • Tangy fruits
  • Underwater creatures
  • Erupting volcanos
  • Celestial delight

Spatial Skills for Success:

Spatial skills predict a young person's achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
It's the mental feat that architects and engineers perform when they design buildings.
The capacity that permits a chemist to contemplate the three-dimensional structure of a molecule, or a surgeon to navigate the human body.

A Proven Pedagogical Approach:

Like its predecessor, Busy Shapes 2 is inspired by Swiss clinical psychologist, Jean Piaget's pioneering theory of cognitive development.

Piaget believed that children in their earliest stage of development learn best by exploring and manipulating the world around them.

What's more, children will be instantly captivated by a peaceful color palette and surreal gaming environment as they move seamlessly through each carefully crafted level.

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