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Busy Shapes

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+

About Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes is a digital playground filled with geometric shapes and corresponding holes invites exploration by the toddlers to support cognitive development, including shape, size and color matching. It cleverly sets forth logical thinking challenges that get progressively harder. 

Teacher Review

Busy Shapes app involves many different skills and incorporates them all into a fun matching shape activity. The user is allotted 10 minutes of play at a time and during those 10 minutes, the tasks become increasingly more difficult. The 6 levels are never announced or shown to the user. The tasks just get a little more challenging each time.
Level 1 is a basic matching the shape to the corresponding hole so the user has to drag the shape to the matching hole.
Level 2 has a sticky puddle in their way so they either have to do more work to drag it through the puddle or go around the puddle.
Level 3 has hidden shapes and objects.
Level 4 consists of barriers that must be moved in order to get the shapes to the corresponding holes.
Level 5 gives the user tools to help move the shapes.
Levels 3-5 require some problem solving skills and on level 6, all the shapes are moving, which requires some real hand eye coordination.
The user's progress is tracked and can be viewed by an adult in the "adult's corner". Touching the adult figure in the left hand corner grants access to the adult corner. Before entry, the user is presented with a multiplication fact that must be answered correctly to gain admission. This step is to ensure it was not the user that accidentally hit the corner.
In the adult corner, the option is available to create up to 40 different user profiles. Another option is a comments section where the adult can type comments about the user’s progress and email them.
This is a great app to use to develop a variety of different skills and the app can grow with the student's abilities and cognitive levels.
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iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Engagement and Usability


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Publisher's Description

Are you a parent in search of an innovative way to sharpen your child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence, as they immerse themselves in an amazing and evolving digital exploratory playground?

Then you’ll love Busy Shapes designed for children from 2 years old!

  • Inspired by the pioneering works of famed Swiss scientist and intelligence expert Jean Piaget (1896-1980)
  • Helps children improve their ability to handle simple objects through a series of engaging puzzles
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor progress
  • Includes an array of kid-friendly features, such as “passing” swipe control & more!

Busy Shapes helps children improve their ability to handle simple objects through a series of puzzles, in which they must change simple shapes and place them in proper holes. Along the way, the app responds to each child’s actions with positive guidance and motivation, and never with discouragement. Plus, the app’s digital exploratory playground regularly refreshes with different objects, which keeps children interested and engaged.

Busy Shapes is inspired by the pioneering works of famed Swiss scientist and intelligence expert Jean Piaget (1896-1980), who believed that “children are little scientists”, and that a child's thoughts are built through experiences that encourage him or her to engage in the reasoning process.

Busy Shapes’ innovative scaleable platform for evolving experimentation lets children take advantage of the time they spend on touch screens -- so they aren’t just having fun, but learning every second of the way.

Busy Shapes features a special “kid-friendly” design that compensates for the fact that when young children hold an iPad or iPhone, they often have a finger touching the screen.

Busy Shapes features “passing” swipe control that is essential for young childrens’ quick hands (i.e. even if a child's finger reaches an object after he or she was already touching the screen, the object is still grasped as intended).

Busy Shapes’ powerful AI supports each child’s unique learning journey. For example, the AI tracks the time it takes each child to complete a level, and increases or decreases difficulty accordingly.

To prevent children from exiting the app by pressing the “home” button, Busy Shapes features customizable Guided Access. This feature also disables selected parts of the screen for safety and protection.

Parents can access real-time monitoring and get advice on how to guide their children. They can also track their child’s progress updates via Apple’s Game Center.

Busy Shapes’ seamless interactive game area never blocks or limits children, and lets them freely access shapes. The menu is also neatly hidden away.

Parents and kids will love Busy Shapes’ built-in “shock absorber”, which prevents a child's poorly controlled or disruptive movements from crashing the app.

Sometimes the best learning is a combination of cognitive exercise and physical play. Busy Shapes’ automatic memory saves a child’s place in any particular game, which makes the app an ideal complement to physical play and for shorter games.

The app is now available in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

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