Busy Little Kids

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About Busy Little Kids

A visually appealing and warm app that gives the user 110 ideas to keep their young charges occupied, stimulated and happy. The activities are broken down in to 2 main sections, Rainy Days and Sunny Days. Each of these has as sub-section; Imagine, Create, Move. Essentially each if the sub menus goes to a suggested activity and there the user can “Love It”. Their choices can then be viewed in that bookmark section. A really neat app that can help those of us who suffer the odd case of “brain freeze” when faced with our sometimes grumpy kids in those situations where we need a little help in focusing all of that energy in to a positive, creative activity.

Busy Little Kids Review

The app is an accompaniment to a book written by the developer. It has been lovingly put together in order to support parents and carers, who have in their past enjoyed playing creatively in the real world, instead of solely relying on the virtual world to entertain their children. This app gives parents and carers the ideas that can help both themselves and their children learn from each other in a very practical and fun way. This app helps to encourage a creative, physically stimulating and nurturing way to explore the world around us. Sometimes parents and carers are just too “zapped” to come up with a brilliant brainwave to keep the peace. The bookmarking feature is a great way to remember those ideas that worked well and could be used again later. This is the “Love It” feature of the app and allows the user to return to those ideas that worked well for everybody. The app is backed by a lovely website that has embedded YouTube ™  videos to give parents and carers an even better in-depth view of how the ideas could work for them. These video snippets give the user a list of ingredients and a method of how to enjoy those indoor and outdoor moments with our children. Overall a functionally neat app that delivers well thought out, practical content.

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Android, iPhone



Cognitive Development
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Collaboration Skills
Creative Development


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Neva Elliott

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