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Build and Play 3D - Planes, Trains, Robots and More

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 2+

About Build and Play 3D - Planes, Trains, Robots and More

A great app that will test and develop your young child’s visual and memory skills in a very fun way.  The app is excellent for little ones and they will enjoy playing with this app. The app receives 5 Stars and  EAS Recommended Status.

Teacher Review

We enjoyed reviewing this app very much. The 3D images have been done with a lot of care and are very realistic. Once your child has built one of the classic toys (an airplane, a car, a cement mixer, a motorbike, ship, train, crane, digger, monster truck, fire truck and a robot)

 You are rewarded with the possibility of playing with it in the backdrop of a landscape so that you can manipulate how the automobile works and moves.

The app has been created by a team of parent developers who take care to create games in a safe environment without any in-app purchases or external links to other internet sites.

The colours are vibrant and the images rotate so that you can “look around” your toy and decide where to place each piece. The layout is the body of the toy on the right hand side and then the parts of the toy that need to be located and positioned correctly on the right hand side.  The app introduces children to concepts of right- left and back-front and symmetry. In order to complete the game, children will have to rely on their concentration skills which is great for developing future attention for when they go to school. 

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iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development


In-App Purchases - No

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Croco Studio

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Screenshots for Build and Play 3D - Planes, Trains, Robots and More

  • Build and Play 3D -  Planes, Trains, Robots and MoreBuild and Play 3D -  Planes, Trains, Robots and MoreBuild and Play 3D -  Planes, Trains, Robots and MoreBuild and Play 3D -  Planes, Trains, Robots and MoreBuild and Play 3D -  Planes, Trains, Robots and More


Whether your children are fans of Bob the Builder or Lightning McQueen and the crew from Disney’s Cars and Planes, they will love building all manner of things that go. A car, airplane, ship, choo choo train and classic motorbike are just a few of the fun vehicles kid will learn to construct in sharp 3D with this engaging early learning app perfect for ages 3-5.
If aeronautical engineering sounds a bit advanced even for your bright young tot, have no fear. The models automatically rotate to help kids find the proper placement for each piece. They can’t mess up because parts don’t snap in place until they are correct. These models won’t be crashing or sinking for lack of a rotor or wheel.
The best part is that kids’ hard work is rewarded because their designs come to life when complete. The flying, floating, puffing and puttering machines that belch smoke and make satisfying rumbles will delight youngsters. Children can choose their favorites from the twelve included toys or let the game decide for them using the intuitive controls.

~> Featured by Apple in the the new Kids' categories "Best for ages 5 & under" | "Create & Play" | "Shapes & Colors" in the US
"TOP 5 Kids Apps of the Week" - Mashable

App includes:
· Twelve classic toys in bright primary colors – airplane, car, cement mixer, motorbike, ship, train, crane, digger, monster truck, firetruck and robots.
· Easily sliding pieces perfect for children with still developing fine motor control
· Option to mute background music and/or sound effects.
· Language neutral for universal appeal
· Child-safe, protected environment

Croco Studio believes in learning through play and this app subtly presents a number of age appropriate educational concepts. Children are introduced to left/right, top/bottom and back/front as they spin their models to find where pieces go. They also achieve a basic understanding of symmetry and balance because headlights and taillights come in pairs and portholes and railings go on both sides of a ship. Visual memory and visual motor skills get a real workout through the concentration needed to put together these childhood favorites.

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About Croco Studio:
Croco Studio is an award-winning team of parent developers intent on creating apps that kids adore and parents trust. Our apps provide a safe playing environment without ads or in-app purchases. At Croco Studio we create apps that encourage kids to learn the fun way.

Please contact us with feedback at We’d love to hear from you.

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