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Build a Scare

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About Build a Scare

Build a Scare - This fun filled app allows children to create unique monsters while using some simple maths and problem solving skills at the same time. Children select a background and a body for their monster and then use a number spinner to find out how many arms, legs, eyes, noses, mouths, ears and horns their monster will have. Once a monster is complete children can turn it into a jigsaw to solve on their device or save and print their monster to show their friends and family later.  

Teacher Review

Build a scare is a very simple app that children of a range of abilities enjoy using.  The app has two activities. The main activity is building a cute monster by spinning a number spinner and adding the indicated number of appendages or facial features to the monster.  This is a fun activity that allows children to use their creativity to produce a wide range of monstrous creations.  Children start by choosing a background and body for their monster. After this children use the spinner to find out how many of each item (between 1 and 6) they may add to their monster. 
There are appendages that clearly match specific torsos but the fun part is making truly higgledy-piggledy creations with some fury parts, some scaly parts and anything else that takes your fancy.   For children who are learning to count up to six this provides a fun way to practice recognising numerals and counting out sets of objects in a fun engaging way.
Once children have created their monster they may send it do their photo library and/or have the app turn it into a puzzle. In the options menu you are able to set the difficulty of the puzzle between easy, medium and hard.  
The app is slightly limited in its scope as but for children working with numbers 1-6 it is a fun way to practice important number skills.
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Android, iPhone


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Deanavryn Studios

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How many arms will your monster have? How many Legs? Let’s spin the wheel and find out!!!

Welcome to Build a Scare by Deanavryn Studios.

Create a unique 'Scare' (Monster) every time. Choose a background for your Monster. Choose a body. A spinning wheel numbered 1 to 6 is used in turn to choose the number of arms, legs, eyes, noses, mouths and ears to place on your Scare's body.

Build a Scare contains beautiful artwork which is matched perfectly with some unique background music and friendly narration to help your child build their Monsters.

Children of all ages will have fun creating Monsters with Build a Scare.

But wait. There’s more. The fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve finished building your Monster you can choose to magically turn it in to a Jigsaw puzzle. You can even choose to save your Monster to your Photo Library to show your family and friends. 2 fun filled applications merged seamlessly in to 1 amazing app!

Your child will have hours of fun with this one.

Build a Scare Fun Features

· Music, sound effects and friendly narration
· Create a different monster every time
· Save your monster to your Photo Library
· Turn your finished monster in to a jigsaw puzzle
· Turn any picture from your Camera Roll in to a jigsaw puzzle
· Use the Camera to take a picture and turn it in to a jigsaw puzzle

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