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Buddy School: Math learning and additions for kids

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  • age 3+

About Buddy School: Math learning and additions for kids

Colourful graphics, jolly sound, and a good variety of activities offer your child the chance to practice what they have learned at school in this app packed with mini-games.

Teacher Review

The app packed full of mini-games remains a popular style with developers, reflecting its popularity with children.  These apps provide practice and also variety.  

Some mini-games make a frequent appearance across many of these apps. Matching pairs and jigsaws are two such games and are included here.  Children do, however, enjoy them and most will not have become jaded by the familiarity of these common challenges.

More directly educational in this app are alphabet-based games at lower levels and arithmetic-based challenges across the levels.  These are easy to engage with and fun to play.  They offer another way for children to practise and learn in a style that children prefer to worksheets. 

The maths challenges, in particular, are nicely done.  Counting, mental arithmetic, and sequences are covered in different types of games.  Multiple-step calculations appear at the higher difficulty levels and the method of entering the answer is a refreshing change from the usual multiple-choice mechanics of other apps.  Moving items to a basket while mentally working on two calculations does make it feel more like a game rather than just a game-like veneer on a maths quiz.

The level of difficulty is set by entering the child's age.  This doesn't feel quite right as it will put off a child who is unable to work at the suggested difficulty level.  Children will not want to enter a lower age to adjust the app to meet their ability.  Much better would be to just go straight into the easy, medium, or hard settings that the entered age maps to anyway.

The app looks superb.  Some apps of this type lack a consistency in the graphics of the mini-games but the look and feel of this one form a united whole that is of a very high standard.  Smooth and plentiful animations add a layer of polish that will entice children into the app's learning opportunities.

The app's sound consists of music and sound effects that suit it very well.  Unfortunately, all instructions are given only as text and animations rather than spoken.  This is not too much of a problem, however, as the animations do give a good indication of what needs to be done in the places where it is not immediately obvious.  

Not having to worry about the speech does mean that the developers have been able to make the app very multilingual in terms of the text.  A number of languages are covered and are easily selectable by the user.

Buddy School, like all such apps, isn't designed for teachers to build a lesson around but to form part of a child's ongoing practice.  This is its strength.  In a school's app library it is ideal for directed free time   On a child's own device, it gives them the opportunity to independently learn.

The full app is available for free on both Android and iOS.  Although it contains advertisements, it does give you an excellent and very fair way to appraise this app for yourself.  If you decide to, you can pay for a version where your child's attention to learning is not being limited by the appearance of advertisements.

Children will willingly play Buddy School and continue to exercise their mathematical fluency in a way that ordinary homework has never been able to achieve. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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  • Buddy School: Math learning and additions for kidsBuddy School: Math learning and additions for kidsBuddy School: Math learning and additions for kidsBuddy School: Math learning and additions for kidsBuddy School: Math learning and additions for kids


Are you looking for free educational games so your child can have fun and learn at the same time?

Stop looking and download “Buddy School: Educational Math Games” free!

It’s perfect for all ages as it totally adapts to each child’s age, so preschool kids (aged 3-6), primary and secondary kids (aged 6-15) can all play.

Enjoy the adventure!
Buddy and his friends will put you to the test with their fun and crazy antics. Have a great time at their school while you learn and improve your logic and math ability.

Kids will have an exciting adventure solving puzzle games, jigsaws, memory games, addition games, subtraction games, times tables games, and mental math games. And all of it perfectly adapted to their age.

For preschool kids: aged from 3 to 6
- Learn to recognize numbers and learn the relationship between quantity and number.
- Improve speed, attention, and psychomotor skills through play.
- Learn first words, letters, consonants and vowels (reading and writing – abc) in a fun way in their native language: English [change English for the language translated].
- Learn to count (tallying).
- Start learning English for kindergarten kids (preschool).
- Learn and improve coordination and fine motor skills in the youngest.
- Develop visual awareness of different moving shapes and objects.
- Develop attention and concentration in kids.

For primary kids -aged 6-12- and secondary kids -aged from 12-
- Revise counting skills (tallying for the youngest).
- Practice sums with appropriate numbers for their age.
- Learn to subtract with numbers suiting their level in logic and math.
- Learning math logic with logic sequences.
- Learn and practice simple times tables (multiplication) and division.
- Improve mental math.

Kids have no excuse not to practice and revise math operations (counting numbers, sequences, tallying, addition, subtraction, division, simple times tables and multiplication) as Buddy School perfectly combines fun with learning arithmetic and mental math. And parents don’t have any excuse either as this app is free!!

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