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Bud's Rhyming Words - Kids learn word families, CVC, short & long vowel words

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An engaging word and sound game with a number of fun rhyming activities. 

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Bud’s Rhyming Words is an education app and part of a series of apps from developer Nimble Minds LLC that includes a number of initial language apps. The app itself is split into three different word related games: Word families; Pick and Click and Catch the Match.

Each of the three different games has a slightly different focus but each use rhyming words to help young children learn new sounds and words and make connections between the two.

On opening the app users can choose to either set up a profile, play an existing profile or select to be a guest player. Once in the game you have the choice of the three games. There is no specific order and no need to play the games in any particular order. The first game on the list however is ‘Word Families’. Selecting a vowel the user is then directed to a pathway of activities.  In each one the aim is to match up the five pictures to the correct word at the bottom of the screen. The picture appears at the top and need to be dragged to the correct word. Wrong moves are welcomed with encouragement and correct moves awarded with points. There is no choice of difficulty within the game but as you progress along the pathway of activities the vowel sounds do get progressively harder in some of the vowel sounds.

The game play is simple enough to allow younger children to engage and use the app and the visual elements are uncluttered where children can simply focus on the elements of the game. There is a high quality of graphics which is pleasing to the eye and the pictures used offer a good explanation to their meaning. However, some of the words chosen do not necessarily match up with how you would first describe the picture and sometimes this feels a little forced. I would also have liked to been offered the chance to be read the word out loud to encourage different abilities to engage in the game.

In the second game ‘Pick and Click’ users a given 6 pictures that they have to match up to a seventh picture based upon which words rhyme. Again, points are given for correct choices and encouragement for wrong ones. The graphics are again of a high quality and children are given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of rhyming words as well as their visual literacy skills in defining the meaning. Some pictures again do not on first glance match, however, with the opportunity to click on each picture and be read the word this does clear up any misunderstandings.

The final game, ‘Catch the Match’ is probably the most successful of the three. Users are given the option of 3 levels of difficulty which relate to how many stages they need to get through. By moving a swimming character up and down, users have to catch the five words that rhyme. As with the first two games incorrect choices are met with further encouragement and correct ones with points. After each successful stage users are given a recap of the words they have caught. Again there is an element of needing to know the words initially as they cannot be read out but this doesn’t detract too much from the overall learning experience as trial and error opportunities balance this out.

Throughout the app the music is welcoming and not too over powering especially if you are playing for a long time. The whole game play experience is perfectly matched the recommended age range and with a slow pace to the games children are able to take their time in exploring the correct answers. Users or parents are able to view the score card which highlights in each game the scores and amount of attempts. This is a welcome element that allows a competitive nature but also a focus on performance and improvement. A further parents section gives an explanation of each game as well as the opportunity to sign up to updates. This is found through a locked portal allowing an element of e-safety.

The app is obviously fully focussed on rhyming words but through this children are able to improve their visual literacy skills at the same time. It is a successful app in this terms although some small adjustments, allowing the text to be spoken, would further improve the app.

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Let the kids pick & click or catch the match in 3 wonderful rhyming games, which covers 40 word families through more than 225 words and pictures.

Word Families:
It enchants learning through selecting a vowel and a word family, then its time to match the pictures or objects to the words. It promotes object identification, increases vocabulary, reading skills and interactively enhances proper pronunciation.

Pick & Click:
It is the most thought provoking activity, as the kids are asked to match the pictures of rhyming words. This game acts as a reinforcement of the 'word families' in an engaging and intuitive manner peaking your child's curiosity.

Catch the Match:
Bud is set out on an adventure to explore the ocean bed in search of the rhyming words. Meet the fishes and Octopus but beware of the wrong words.
Do not forget to try your best and receive the much deserved positive responses from a job well done (Thumbs Up!)

After Bud's First Words, this is the latest addition in our series of Early Language Development apps for kids. Download these apps and help your children pick key concepts of English from a very early age.

How will it benefit kids?

  • Develops phonemic awareness
  • Enriches vocabulary
  • Helps progress with reading
  • Develops literary skills
  • Teaches recognition of word patterns
  • Teaches recognition of letter and word sounds
  • Motivates learning and above all
  • Makes English learning easy and fun!

Other key points:

  • Ideal for children between the ages of 4-9.
  • Activities in this game are aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • Suitable for both school and home setting
  • Great tool for children with learning difficulties such as speech delay, autism and adhd. - Perfect for ESL learners as well.
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