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Bud's First Words - Kids Game

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Bud’s First Words – Kids Game is an illustrated game that supports reading and vocabulary development. There are two modes: Learn and Play. Children can start by learning the names of different items found in different everyday places and then put into practice what they have learnt in the Play mode by reading questions and finding items. This app can be used with children who have English as an additional language and special needs. 

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Developer Description

Nimble Minds' best seller Words for Children - Reading Games' is a beautifully illustrated word learning and reading game, loved by children, parents and teachers all over the world.

Join Bud on a journey through his house, school, city and around as he and his friends go from place to place to learn and review everyday sight words used in English for naming things. There is a long list of vocabulary for the children to learn and practice.

In Words for Kids - Reading Games, toddlers and preschool children will start learning by listening and reading nouns, the names of things found around them in everyday places like bedroom, bathroom, classroom, playground, park, etc. Then in Play mode children will read questions and they will be asked to identify the same objects and recognize their words to reinforce their learning. In no time you will see children spotting and naming things around the house and increasing their vocabulary every time they play.

Some of the core aims of Words for Kids is to:

- improve reading skills by practicing words children hear at home and school
- improve reading fluency
- boost childrens confidence and self esteem
- help children with difficulties like autism, add, adhd, speech delay, non-verbal in reading and learning English language and communication in a positive and stimulating way.

Words for Kids - Reading Games is the first app in our collection of English learning games with a focus on vocabulary. Next to Words for Kids - Reading Games is our latest app Rhyming words - Reading Games, which focuses on word families, rhymes and vocabulary through 3 amazingly adventurous games.

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