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About Bublup

Bublup is a versatile and powerful app for organising any kind of content visually. The application is rich with features that enables you to save links, documents, notes, videos, photos, GIFs, and music within visual folders with pictures, titles, and descriptions. The application is suitable for all ages and is available on the iOS and Android platforms as well as a Google extension. Bublup is free on the standard plan and offers advanced plans as a monthly subscription. Bublup is also from in-app adverts.

Bublup Review

What is Bublup

Bublup keeps all your information in one place, organised and displayed as a bespoke package. Ideal for teaching, personal or business use Bublup offers a unique experience when it comes to visual organisation and productivity. This application has a number of key features such as private and shared folders, cloud storage, customised content-based web pages that supports numerous formats. All content in Bublup is kept private and secure. You decide what to share and with whom. It is one of our recommended Graphic Organizer app.

What's it about

Bublup requires an email account which is very easy to set up. Once your account has been created you can use the application via a mobile device or the desktop platform. For this review, we will focus on the use of the application on a mobile device. The Home screen displays the following options:

Lower screen Menu:

  • My Stuff – Here the user can access all folders that have been created.
  • Bubbling Up – A selection of crowdsourcing content from across the internet, just for you!
  • Notifications – Set up and view your user invitations and comments.
  • Recent History – Bublup will list the history of recent web links you have opened for quick access.
  • MB – Access all of your information such as profiles, brands, plans and storage, preferences and account information. There are also some great user videos to guide you through the application.
  • The ellipsis icon – Here the user can find access to recent and favourites, shared with me, review for later, emails and trash.

Upper screen Menu:

  • Recent and Favs – A visual list of recently visited content.
  • Shared with me – Access to shared folders and content.
  • Review Later – Access to saved content for reviewing and organising later.
  • Emails – Access to important emails you would like to save in Bublup.
  • The ellipsis icon – Access to a change of background, a tiled or list view, sort and select.

The Plus icon – This enables the user to create content via a wonderful animated graphic which displays content options including a ‘roll’, file, note, image/video, link or folder. It is noted that the application works in portrait mode on a mobile device.

To start a new folder press the Plus icon and choose the Folder option to create a folder for content. We love the animated instruction gestures that make the application a pleasure to use, discover and create. Other users can be invited to a folder using the ‘invite’ icon in the top right along with a comments feature. 

Content can be easily added to your folder by simply using the share feature on a web page, document, note, video, photo, GIF or music. The content shared is displayed in the folder as a visual reference including a description and the ability to be able to love, comment and share.

This extension works seamlessly and we found it very easy to create a folder and save multiple sources within minutes. The application Bublup is highly intuitive and very easy to navigate.

One of the unique features we really enjoyed was the ‘Roll’ feature. Here the user can Roll all their content into an instant web page that can be shared as a URL. The presentation of this feature is great and would be ideal for sharing creative ideas amongst teachers and students.

Rolls created by other users can also be accessed via the applications on-line platform. Users can also brand their roll for professional use by customising the URL and logo. Once a folder has been created new content can also be discovered with ‘bubbled up’ which suggests new related content for you to view.

Is Bublup app easy to use?

It goes without saying the Bublup is an incredibly in-depth application and the menu systems and features are endless. However, the user interface is excellent. The menus are easy to access and read. The application has a very clean look to the icons and drop-down menus. At no point does the screen look over cluttered. The application did take a while to get used to but after creating a couple of folders with content is was relatively easy to master.

How will parents benefit?

Bublup is a great way to share content with family members. Whether it is planning a holiday, creating a wish list or sharing family photos parents. Parents can also share content with work colleagues, groups and communities.

How will teachers benefit?

Bublup is also a great way to share content with students and colleagues. Whether it is planning a lesson, creating a resource page or sharing a creative portfolio. Teachers and students can share content and students can collaborate easily on group projects. It is noted that everything you save is kept private and secure. You decide what to share and with whom. This is ideal for safeguarding content within educational establishments.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! It is wonderful to see all of our content in one place and how easy it is to share. It is refreshing to see that the application supports a number of digital formats and seems to handle files that are up to 3GB. The user can create shared as well as private folders giving them peace of mind that their content is protected.

What we love about the Bublup

The developers have taken a very difficult, complex application and created a very easy to use application with a variety of features. Many of our users found the application a delight to use and kept on discovering content through the news feeds and ‘bubbled up’ content suggestions. We love the uncluttered, elegant interface that never looks busy but beneath the surface always is!

What the Bublup could improve on

Bublup is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • When saving photos from the internet the picture, when clicked, the link does not return to the webpage but only shows the picture.
  • The developers may want to consider a dark mode for the mobile application.
  • The developers may consider a way to set up classes for content sharing within schools.

How much does Bublup cost?

This application is currently free to download! The user can bookmark an unlimited number of links and get 3 GB of private storage, with the ability to earn up to 12 GB of extra storage -- 1 GB for each person who joins Bublup via your group folder invitation or personal referral link.

Is Bublup safe to use?

Yes. The application does require an account and email to start with. Parental controls are not required as there are no in-app purchases. The developers ensure everything you save is kept private and secure. You decide what to share and with whom.

Overall Rating of the application

Bublup is by far one of the best visual organiser applications we have seen. Not only does it come with a user-friendly platform and a variety of features but it also free! Bublup comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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You can download Bublup on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Bublup app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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