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About Bubbu School - Kids Learning

Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets is a school-themed virtual pet app full of minigames and activities which mix entertainment and education. Each virtual classroom has appropriate games, such as addition in the math classroom and drawing in the art room.

Bubbu School is free to download and expended with either a monthly or yearly subscription. The app uses an in-game currency which kids can earn by completing tasks or purchasing separately via an in-app purchase. The ideal age range for the app is 4 to 7.

Bubbu School - Kids Learning Review

What is Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets?

Bubbu School is full of minigames and activities to entertain your kids and help them learn. The app follows its titular character, Bubbu, and his friends at school.

Each classroom in Bubbu's school has a different theme where kids can learn and be creative.

Art - drawing, colouring, and sticker-based creative activities

Music - interact with different instruments or rearrange the disco equipment like glitter balls and fog machines.

Math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and shape-based learning activities

English - vocabulary, spelling and ABCs

The app provides an explorable school environment where players interact with items and play minigames. The activities range from pure entertainment to educational practice. And include jigsaw puzzles, question-and-answer, and free-play experiences.

Kids are free to play as they choose, and many will use their imaginations to construct a narrative as they play. Not every item and location in the app is unlocked from the beginning. Kids open them by spending coins they can earn from completing in-game activities or you can buy them as in-app purchases.

What we love about Bubbu School app.

Bubbu School looks excellent with its attractive graphics and familiar school-like environment, which will appeal to kids. The characters are cute and appealing as they babble away in their own language.

The games are comparable in style to other minigame apps for young kids, but the school theme ties them together well rather than leaving them disjointed. We feel this will help kids develop a more natural play style with the app as they imagine they are teachers at the school or create stories for the characters and scenes.

What skills does it teach?

Bubbu School is a mix between kid-friendly entertainment and learning. The educational content is not in-depth, but it is fun and helps provide extra practice for kids. They will cover different topics and play games that encourage thinking and problem-solving, such as digital jigsaws. Creativity is addressed with music and art.

What age is it appropriate for?

Bubbu School's app store entry shows that it is built for kids aged 6 to 8. We feel that this should be shifted lower for most kids, with 4 to 7 being more realistic.

How much does Bubbu School app cost?

Bubbu School is free to download. It is a subscription-based app with either monthly or yearly payments. The annual option has a comparative discount of slightly over 50%.

Players can earn coins in the game and gain some for each daily login, but the app also offers them as an in-app purchase. Players use the coins to unlock certain content. If kids tap a locked activity, they can spend their in-game coins. They can also open additional packs of stickers. If kids do not have enough, the app will take them to a purchase screen where they see the available coin packs.

Spending these in-game coins can be too free of friction. It is very easy to spend many coins opening sticker packs and not realise they cost coins. This could disappoint kids who were saving the coins to open an activity.

You can buy coins in different quantities, with the larger purchases working out cheaper per coin. The coins are consumable in-app purchases meaning they are permanently used up as kids spend them on in-game activities.

Is Bubbu School app easy to use?

Kids should not have any difficulty with using Bubbu School.

Not everything is immediately obvious in Bubbu School, but it feels like that is the point. Kids need to explore how objects combine for tasks. It never feels like it would become frustrating as there is always something else to do.

How will students benefit?

Bubbu School's theme will help kids' imaginations tie together their activities.

Kids who like unpressured playstyles without rules or time limits will enjoy the games in this app. There's lots to tap, drag, and activate in the app to see what happens and some fun challenges for kids to test their learning.

Each classroom provides a variety of play styles. For example, the art room has a simple drawing activity, a colouring book and an activity where players make faces on vegetables with draggable facial features. The room itself has multiple interactive objects.

How will parents benefit?

Bubbu School provides a calming play experience without overstimulating pressure and challenges. It is an excellent app to have available when you want your kids to be entertained but not enlivened.

The app's variety of activities and scenarios make it a helpful conversation focus for talking to your kids. If you share the app with them, you can talk about their time at school, what they have learned, and other general life skills, such as keeping rooms tidy and clean. The app awards coins for tidying and cleaning rooms!

How will teachers benefit?

Bubbu School is set in a school, but it is not an app designed for use in one. The app maintains its progress, making it suitable for a single user per device, and its content is better for kids to explore in their own time rather than as part of a lesson objective.

Is Bubbu School app safe to use?

The in-app purchases within Bubbu School are behind a parental lock which asks users to answer a simple arithmetic question, such 8+6=.

You should always have your device's in-built purchase protection active when kids use them. Assuming you have the safeguards active, the app will require your FaceID, TouchID or password to complete the purchase.

Bubbu School states that it is certified as compliant with COPPA.

What can Bubbu School app improve on?

Consumable in-app purchases never feel right in an app aimed at young kids. They cause kids to focus on what they don't have rather than what they do, often resulting in kids nagging for more money to spend. We don't like apps to normalise the experience of paying to play in such young kids, especially when their parents have already paid for a subscription.

The unlock mechanic features in the app are not bad in themselves. They help to keep new content available for kids to access afresh in the future, and if they only have the coins they earn, they work well.

We'd like the app to have a subscription tier where kids can only earn and not buy coins.

For the app content, we'd like to see it make a little more of its visual qualities. For example, the 3D-object activity starts out very well by guiding players to cut out nets of shapes. Not many apps aimed at young kids cover this topic, so it was a great inclusion. However, the link between the net and the object was not made clear enough. A short animation would have done this well and enhanced the activity's educational value.

Overall rating of the app.

Bubbu School has excellent graphics, fun activities, and an appealing theme. We like the structure encouraging kids to enjoy each area fully rather than skimming the content. However, we dislike the consumable in-app purchases in an app aimed at young kids.

We must emphasise that kids do not have to buy coins as they can earn them, but the reality is that many kids use pester power for shortcuts. If you can establish ground rules over how many coins you are prepared to buy, there is a lot to like about Bubbu School. We have awarded the app four stars.

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