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About Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

Bubbu — My Virtual Pet Cat is an app where kids care for a virtual cat named Bubbu. In their pet's magical land, they can provide hair and beauty sessions for it, join them for some gardening and provide food and medical care.

Bubbu is a free app, and your kids can play the entire app for three days as part of a free trial. After this, you can pay for specific sections of the app with an in-app purchase or subscribe to unlock everything and gain extra bonuses. The app works equally well on phones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat Review

What is Bubbu - My Virtual Pet Cat app?

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet is exactly what it sounds like — it gives players a virtual pet called Bubbu to care for and play with. Bubbu is a friendly and expressive cat that will appeal to most kids.

Kids provide what Bubbu wants and needs by exploring his environment and finding or preparing the items he indicates in his little thought bubbles. In return, kids can play with Bubbu and be creative, changing his appearance and environment.

Accompanying Bubbu's care is a selection of fun games unrelated to caring for Bubbu. These add variety to the play experience and give kids a source of child-friendly games.

What we love about Bubbu app.

Dogs, cats and horses tend to be the pet fascinations of many kids. Bubbu will address this in virtual form for many kids.

Bubbu exists in a magical land where cats have beauty treatments and grow vegetables in gardens, so pet-care activities are more fantastical than real-world animals. It makes it fun and gives kids more to do in the app.

Each location in the app is connected with a virtual world which helps kids to incorporate an internal narrative for their pet's day and choice of activity. Some kids love to use apps as they would toy figures making up stories for them, and Bubbu suits that kind of creative play well.

What skills does it teach?

Bubbu is not primarily an educational app. Kids can learn about caring for a pet while playing and exercising their imaginations and creativity. Some of the games engage kids' problem-solving and logic skills.

What age is it appropriate for?

Kids between 4 and 7 will be the typical users of this app, although as an entertainment app, kids on either side of this range may also enjoy it.

How much does Bubbu app cost?

Bubbu is free to download and comes with a free three-day trial. You can extend full access to the app with a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription. The longer the term, the cheaper the weekly cost will be.

There is also the option to unlock specific content packs for the app and deactivate the advertisements with one-off in-app purchases. The subscription offers further benefits like multipliers on the rewards.

The option to buy the app's in-game currency in varying sizes of packs remains present in the app. Kids use this currency to purchase new items and unlock sections.

Is Bubbu app easy to use?

Bubbu will be easy for most kids to learn to play quickly. Bubbu indicates his needs with images, letting kids still learning to read enjoy the app.

Some activities take experimentation to understand what they require, but that is part of the app's fun. There are usually visual cues to indicate the next step, such as an object pulsing.

How will students benefit?

Many kids love the freedom and imagination-exercising properties of virtual pet games compared to the rules and stress of action games. Some kids appreciate the change of pace, while others prefer to play these 'sandbox' style apps exclusively.

Bubbu looks great, provides an appealing pet, and plenty of ways that kids can interact with the app. Bubbu's cute appearance and endearing animations will help kids build affection for their new digital pet.

How will parents benefit?

Bubbu is the ideal solution for parents who want to give their kids an entertainment app but one that does not overstimulate them or rely on violence. The app's easy play style lets kids play it alone, but parents could also join in to form stories and talk about the game.

How will teachers benefit?

Schools do not typically purchase virtual pet apps. The app supports a single user rather than multiple accounts, and the educational content in Bubbu is incidental rather than consistent.

Is Bubbu app safe to use?

Bubbu's in-app currency ensures it is always possible to make further in-app purchases. Parents should always ensure their devices have adequate protection to prevent kids from making unwise purchases.

The version of Bubbu — My Virtual Pet you download for free displays advertisements outside of the trial period. We do not recommend ads in apps for kids, so you should use this version to assess the app before removing the ads with an in-app purchase.

You also have an option in the settings to turn off video ads. Kids can earn further currency by watching these, but only if they watch the full video.

What can Bubbu app improve on?

An in-app purchase to remove the in-app currency would reduce kids' tendency to nag their parents for further purchases. It would also help parents feel more comfortable that they won't accidentally pay for unwanted in-app purchases.

Overall rating of the app.

Bubbu Virtual Pet provides a cute pet, a rich world, and plenty of activities for kids. We're sure kids will love it. Parents might not feel such affection for the consumable in-app purchases, though, so make sure you set your child's expectations before they get the app. Give Bubbu a try and see if its blend of games and pet care will suit your kids. We believe Bubbu is a four-star app!

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