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About Bubbles School for Toddlers

Bubbles School for Toddlers is a bright and colourful app. It can help teach your young children over 220 new first words in 10 different learning categories with 3 different ways of learning. The app teaches the names and recognition of letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, shapes, colours, toys, zoo animals, farm animals, fruits and vegetables. The level of detail within the app is fabulous and young children will be very happily engaged with the app. 

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Bubbles School for Toddlers Review

It’s not often that you see such a comprehensive app – particularly in the android app world. This app really stands out for its variety and over-arching teaching and learning method. The graphics of the characters are adorable and the sounds are very cute. Overall the app is very engaging.  There are also little details that will make toddlers squeal with delight as they tap the different images. For example, one of our toddlers really liked the way the sun would move and shake rhythmically when tapped. Tapping the bubbles and making them pop also produces a great sound that is as addictive as bursting bubble wrap!

The three modes of learning are: Learning to commit to memory i.e. “Learn”. In this case, the name of the object appears at the top and an illustration of the object appears at the bottom. When the object/number/letter is touched, the illustration makes a sound-effect which makes it easier to learn and associate the name of the object with the object. Once this process is finished and you have completed all the words in that category, you can go to the “Play” section in order to do the “test” and see whether you can associate the names of the objects/concepts with the illustrations. For each question that is correct you earn a point which adds up the final score card for each category. This is great so that you can monitor how your children are progressing with the app. There are 8 avatars to choose from which means that you can record up to 8 different children’s scores in the app.

The process of the “Play” section is competitive as well as very engaging. The app picks up how quickly you get the questions correctly and increases the level of difficulty accordingly. Initially the app depicts one object and then asks you to identify the same object. In all instances you see the illustration of the object. Initially you have only one object/concept to choose from, then you have two to pick from, then three, the four and in some, you have to tap all of the objects that you are asked to identify. If the answer is incorrect, you are not told to try again but the question is repeated and you are given another chance to respond.

We really liked the “Explore Bubble-Pop” option within each category as it lets toddlers to pace their own learning, and just keep looking over the words and objects/concepts. It is almost like a revision guide although toddlers will be engaged mostly because of the pretty illustrations and moving graphics.

All in all, this is a lovely app and we really recommend it for your classroom or for your family.  Your children will learn very quickly and effectively in a light-hearted and enjoyable context.

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