Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

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About Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

Developed for students aged 8 to 12, the app offers a great way to deliver the topic of Volcanoes to your class. The app is full of great content that is easily accessible by a simple menu.
The photographs, timelines, interactive maps, games, quizzes and video content can truly inspire students about this topic.
The Jigsaw Puzzles, created from amazing graphics of volcanoes, prompt users to break apart the puzzle and have some fun by shaking the device and then sliding the pieces back into place.
Students can scramble images of volcanoes in The Magic Square game by shaking their device. The challenge is re-arranging the squares to unscramble the image.
Finally, there is an activity called “Brush Off”. This ties in with Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. You must use your finger on the screen to “brush off” volcanic smoke. Once you have cleared the screen a photograph of a ruin from Pompeii is revealed. Now you’ve got to figure out the name of the artifact. I learned quite a bit from this activity.
This is a beautiful app full of content and interactive features. Well done Britannica!

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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