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About Brili Routines – Visual Timer

Brili Routines-Visual Timer is a dynamic visual scheduling app that takes the chaos and stress out of daily routines. 

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Brili Routines – Visual Timer Review

This week we have been using and reviewing a visual scheduling app called Brili-Routines-Visual Timer and we were not disappointed. Brili can be used with all children, however it has huge benefits for children on the autism spectrum and ADHD as a task and time management application.

As all parents and practitioners of children with autism will know, the benefits of visual schedules are key to lessening anxiety and increasing independence. Furthermore, visual schedules help the individual to learn new things, broaden interests, support with calming and allow for increased flexibility and generalisation to different environments. 

Despite these advantages, setting up a visual schedule can seem like a daunting, time-consuming task for many families. Brili Routines-Visual timer is a smart and clever application that takes the hassle out of visual schedule preparation. 

I really like how simple Brili is! initial setup is quick and easy and minimal personal details are required, just parent/teacher and child’s name/age. Within minutes you are ready to start working with your created schedule. The first month is free allowing you to try the apps full offering and a sensible alternative to the restrictive lite pricing model. Once you have tried the app and its full content you will find that it is great value for money. 

The app’s flexibility allows you to create any schedule you need, covering you for all unexpected events.  Brili is motivating an engaging for users, with the interface both intuitive and not busy, an important consideration for the children we teach. 

The parent mode is fantastic. This is the control centre where routines are created, rewards are set and times determined. Parents can even see progress in real time as routines can be synced across devices, this can be monitored remotely. Adding activities and setting the time is super quick and great when using out on a day trip.  

Personalisation lies at the heart of Brili, being able to add a child’s favourite ‘working towards’ toy or activity is fantastic through the use of the device gallery. Being able to adjust the amount of stars   gained for an activity allows you to increase task difficulty over time for individual needs. 

We have also begun to use Brili as a whole class visual timetabling tool by mirroring our class iPad to the interactive whiteboard, timing each lesson throughout the day and adding the class working towards award andt the end of each lesson. 

It was hard to find any negatives to Brili, a fantastic application and a most have for all parents or educators of children on the autism spectrum. The developers have created a simplistic but clever option that we believe is the ‘go to’ visual scheduling time and task management tool on the market today. 

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