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Bridge Lite V

Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

Teacher Overview

Bridge Players will enjoy using this app to practice their skills and review the plays in order to improve their game. 

Teacher Review

Bridge is a fantastic traditional game that develops strategic skills and collaboration skills due to the fact that you have to play in pairs). In order to use this app you need to be familiar with the rules of bridge.  If,  however,  you are a player of this game already, you can practice using this app and then play with real cards with your family and friends. It would be a very good idea to improve the app with instructions on how to play.

Once the game is over there is the option to review the game- this sends the user to a view of all the cards each player began with and the order in which these cards where played- thereby allowing the user to spot where they made a bad move and to learn how they can improve their game.  Users will enjoy working out their strategies and improving their game as they review the hands and employ different strategies as they play Rubber Bridge. 

Moreover, this app does not logon online to play with other players so that no one else will see your scores! You can also create a number of bidding systems (the app features ACOL and Standard American bidding systems).

Even players who have a lot practice in playing this game will feel challenged by the breadth of play. For example, we found the feature that allows you to practice playing and defending a series of Bridge hands to be very interesting and useful.

Overall this is an enjoyable Bridge app. Please be aware that it contains 3rd party advertising and in-app ads if you are downloading this for your kids. You may need to purchase the premium version in order to remove any links to outside of the app. 

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Developer Description

Bridge could be the perfect game. Its ease of play marks it out as a firm favourite for casual gamers, whilst the huge depth of strategy and vast intricacies involved allow it to be a game that can be studied by the most serious card student.

Bridge is played by four players who form two partnerships. Players within a partnership face each other across the bridge table. Traditionally, the players are referred to by the points of the compass - North, East, South and West. The two partnerships are North/South and East/West. Games are played to the best of three.  The winner is said to have won the "rubber".  A game ends when one partnership scores 100 or more points below the line.

Featuring ACOL and Standard American bidding systems, Bridge will challenge the most proficient player yet still allow the beginner to develop their game. Fantastic graphics and a strong and respected bridge engine allows players to become involved, stimulated and challenged with every deal.

This product is ad-funded. It contains a single In App Purchase to remove the adverts.

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