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About Bridge Constructor Playground

A career in the construction industry is played out as you are challenged to become a true bridge-building expert. It requires you to improve your skills and earn those promotions as you move up the career ladder making bigger and better bridges!

Bridge Constructor Playground Review

Bridge Construction Playground gives you the freedom to imagine, design and build whatever structure you want. Each time you start to build, it is a blank canvas with you in control to simply work out how to bridge the gap in the road. Throughout the game you can progress from one challenge to the next by constructing a bridge that will safely allow traffic to get from one side to the next. The colourful 3D graphics and intuitive controls make it easy to pick up without overcomplicating or confusing details. The game progresses very quickly with the help of a tutorial that guides and hints at the wide range of possibilities for each level.
The setting for your career is a cluster of four islands all with bridges that need built. With each new island unlocked the challenges, of which there are 160, become increasingly harder. You will soon discover that it is not just about filling the gap; there are materials to consider as well as their cost. The combination of timber, concrete, steel and cabling give you the role of being the builder, the structural engineer, the architect and the project manager all rolled into one. Every new bridge is an opportunity to problem-solve and as with most problems, there are many solutions and not just one right answer.
Once you have chosen the material and placed all the members together it is time to test the bridge. Here is where the app does a fine job of simulating real-world physics and provides simple animations of the stress loads on the bridge and demonstrates the behaviour of the structural performance. Even the dead load is considered and if a supporting connection has been missed then the bridge will bend and flop before it dramatically collapsing into the canyon below. If you’ve successfully kept the bridge together then the moment of truth is revealed when cars and trucks make their journey across the structure. Again the bridge’s strength and stress loads on each member are illustrated to indicate what works and what doesn’t. With such a wide range of challenges to complete it is only by noticing how the different connections and supports behave that the harder challenges will be completed.
Each level provides space to save 5 variations of bridges although there is only one profile from the outset that can be continuously used with the app. There is the option to use the Game Centre app on iOS devices to link so that all scores and progress is recorded.
At the heart of this app is gameplay but it is so closely met with concepts of forces in action that there is a high amount of educational value. The behaviour of the structural members bending, compressing and rotating display precisely what physics tries to explain. The added consideration of choosing types and quantities of materials provide a challenge about management skills and being cost-effective. There is certainly scope for using Bridge Construction Playground in the classroom as a tool for learning.

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