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About BravoBravo

BravoBravo is a comprehensive Arabic practice and assessment platform that suits young school children perfectly. Created to instil young learners with the spirit of learning and exploring, it has a cognitively intellectual design that helps students to gain more information and learn different usages of Arabic from the very first lesson. Though Arabic is a difficult language to learn, BravoBravo makes the learning journey easy, fun, and engaging. 

BravoBravo is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. BravoBravo is also available for students via the windows store and as a web application to reach more users.

BravoBravo Review

BravoBravo is a fun application for learners and a comprehensive tool for teachers and parents. It is one of the best apps to learn Arabic.

Features of BravoBravo

BravoBravo application includes 100,000 questions, 40,000 audio files, 550 books, 300 videos and 200 sets of flash cards covering over 400 Arabic skills.

The app features well-designed and easy-to-understand levels, presented as planets in a galaxy, which teach several topics such as the alphabet, how to structure and understand sentences, and correct pronunciation. These topics help students to build up their knowledge and experiences with Arabic and make their learning process easier and more enjoyable.

BravoBravo is compatible with international curricula, whether your child likes to draw, match words, fill in the blanks, watch animations, drag and drop, record audios, this application is the best for fun-learning. Not only that, but it’s available in Arabic and English, which means that foreign learners could benefit from it, and develop all skills needed to start the journey of learning the Arabic language. 

Tutorial on how to use the app shows up when user logs in for the first time. The user (student or teacher) can access their tutorial anytime from the settings section.

BravoBravo also includes some speaking exercises along with the recording feature for students to record their reading of stories. Recordings can be submitted to teachers to review and assess it.

What skills does it improve?

With the help of linguist experts, BravoBravo focuses on skills such as reading, spelling, writing, and the correct pronunciation of words.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is suitable for children 2-10 years old. 

Is BravoBravo easy to use?

Because of its interactive and engaging design, BravoBravo is incredibly easy to use, very engaging to play and practice with, and never feels boring or mentally exhausting. The voices used through the app are loud and clear, and the word pronunciation is error-free, helping students learn the standard for Arabic from the beginning, with the same applies to the grammatical side. Whether you have Android or iOS you can still use and benefit from BravoBravo.

Is BravoBravo free?

The first month is free for anyone who wants to experience the app's outstanding learning methods and then requires a subscription. They also have schools wide subscription.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit through the whole teaching process by entering a world of Arabic, which will lead them to know Arabic basics, starting from the alphabet to words and sentence structures. They will know each letter of the Arabic alphabet, how it is written, and how diacritics change their function in a word. As well as this, BravoBravo will expose children to a wide variety of vocabularies and phrases that they may not encounter in class, which in turn will enhance their overall language skills and fluency.

Moreover, students will benefit from the app through explicit language that is easy to figure out with panache and finesse.

The plethora of questions, images, and audio files will be a wonderful asset for students to expand their knowledge of Arabic. Students will learn how to pronounce letters in the right way, how to write them, and how to use them in words and sentences. And as the learning journey progresses, the process will become even more engaging.

How will teachers benefit?

BravoBravo will be a great asset for teachers. Instead of traditional teaching methods, teachers can opt for BravoBravo's digital learning platform to help students learn Arabic, helping them speed up their course. BravoBravo offer resources for teachers to use - questions, worksheets, videos, books and flash cards.

BravoBravo offers a unique and highly useful Analytics system to its users. It pinpoints a student's top skills and their low skills as they play through the app, giving parents and teachers a better insight of each student’s weakness and where they might benefit from external attention. It shows the number of stories read, assignments done, exercises practised, and the duration spent on each level. It also gives an overview of each student’s progress, through a comprehensive skill tracker, for the student’s reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills.

Overall rating of the app

BravoBravo is highly recommended for parents and teachers who are wanting to teach children the Arabic language in an interactive and fun way. Arabic has been taught traditionally and, we say, inaccessibly for centuries, but BravoBravo offers a truly revolutionary all-digital approach to educational methods that may have distanced students from learning Arabic in the past, a revolution that we are super proud to have on our storefront.

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You can download BravoBravo on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the BravoBravo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can download BravoBravo on your Windows devices from the Windows Store.

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