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Brain Trainer app contains games that have you memorizing letter sequences, phone numbers and solving assorted math problems to keep your mind in tip-top shape. Difficulty levels range from easy to brain-tingling hard. 

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Inloop, s.r.o.

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Brain Trainer is the LARGEST collection of brain games on the market. Brain is like a muscle and the more you train it, the better results you get in everyday life.

Supports move to SD card.

If you forget to train your brain, Brain Trainer will remind you. This feature can be turned off :)

Available game modes: math ninja, save ninja, letter sequences, number sequences, memory trainer (pictures), math workout 1 and math workout 2 game modes, math madness, speedy shapes, memory letters, memory numbers, tricky colors, memorize 123, 3D CUBES, target mode, phone numbers, question mode, 18 session modes...sudoku of course and other modes like puzzle.

The application is free. Do not forget, train your brain!

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