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About Brain Kids

The application 'Brain Kids' is an entertaining brain training app for children aged 7 and above. The application offers a number of brain training games that can be played by both children and parents. The application has three books where the first chapter of each can be played for free. Further chapters can be purchased within the app. The application is free from in-app adverts and supports three languages English, Chinese and Thai.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown the developers splash screen which is bright, colourful and child-friendly. There are three books to choose from where the first chapter of each book is free. Subsequent chapters can be brought by in-app purchases.
The ‘settings' icon in the top left provides access to three different languages; English, Chinese and Thai. There are also settings for the ‘sound', ‘music' and ‘Editing profiles'. 
The user will need to create a profile which is ideal for a single child or a classroom situation. Where were unsure if multiple profiles could be added. This could be useful in a class situation with multiple users. 
The application focuses on a number of different gameplay modes which get progressively harder throughout the books. Each ‘Chapter' has a ‘star' value up to 3 stars depending on the time and number of incorrect answers the users give. ‘Brain Kids' is designed to help develop many skills for a child within a number of different game platforms. These include: 
Matching Game – In these games, the user is asked to match similar pictures, related pictures or matching pairs. Our users found this great fun and very easy to use by dragging the icons together. 
Puzzle - In these games, the user is asked to solve a puzzle these may include dominoes, odd-man out, food chains, related pictures, picture differences and more. 
Mix & Match - In these games the user is asked to match pairs, numbers, food items, kitchen items and more. 
Connect the Dots - In these games, the user is asked to copy a picture using a dragged dots system. This is intuitive and great for visual learners and for developing fine motor skills. 
Math & Calculation - In these games, the user is asked to find the ‘most', "highest', ‘heaviest' and correct numbers and more. 
Logical reasoning problems - In these games, the user is asked to complete number and picture sequences, items found in particular rooms and more. 
Our users found these puzzles engaging, challenging and great fun. Some of the puzzles in Book Three are particularly difficult especially the shape rotation and overlays. Some of our users were confused by some of the related picture puzzles and the ‘highest' puzzles. Once the Chapter has been completed there are a number of further ‘options' to choose from. An ‘Achievement Certificate' can be printed via 5 the app along with icons to return to the book as well as repeating the chapter again. The certificate at the end is a great motivational tool. 
Our users really enjoyed this application and it has a high quality feel to it especially the graphics, the intuitive interface and sound. The developers may want to consider the following to enhance the users experience especially for a classroom situation. 
The ability to add multiple profiles certainly would appeal to a class group. A leader board could be created and certificates could be displayed. 
The app could introduce other features such as ‘time limits', ‘User Lives', ‘hint buttons', we did find that a number of our users simply guessed the answers. An ‘incorrect' answer could reduce the time, reduce lives or limit the number of guesses. Although the gameplay is great fun and can be used unsupported by a parent or teacher our users found the games quite repetitive and we hope that the developers will add further games in the future. It may also be useful for the user to track their answers; how many they got correct, how many incorrect answers, the speed of answer etc. All of these could lead to better user experience.
‘Brain Kids' is a very good application that provides engagement, valuable learning experiences and an intuitive user interface. The application is child-friendly and very easy to use unsupported. This application comes highly recommended by the
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iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Piyanai Chayapong

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Brain Kids is an educational app for kids with rich and entertaining contents. It offers many puzzle games that will guarantee quality bonding time for your family.

Brain Kids are designed to help develop many skills for a child with games like:
- Matching Game
- Puzzle
- Mix & Match
- Connect the Dots
- Math & Calculation
- Logical reasoning problems

My family has become addicted to this game. The kids enjoy learning their reasoning skills through puzzles, while adults feel some challenges are worthwhile and fun to play.

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