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  • Free
  • age 12+
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About Box for iPhone and iPad

Box is a cloud-based file storage and file sharing service that provides individuals and business easy-to-use cloud storage solutions and collaboration tools.

Box for iPhone and iPad Review

Box is an app, a single, secure, user-friendly platform designed for the whole document lifecycle, from the production and sharing of files through co-editing, signing, categorising, and retaining them.

What do we like about Box?

Box appears content to let you work entirely online and doesn't force you to download a local synchronising client. Granular access restrictions, watermarking, and other cloud-native security and compliance features will keep your information secure. Make use of Box Shield's machine learning capabilities to stay vigilant and it's capacity to create policies that can identify threats.

What skills does it improve?

On Box, collaboration on files is simple with features like tasks and file annotations. No matter what hardware or software they are using, you can work in real-time with employees inside and outside of your company. You can also work remotely. With more than 1,500 pre-built connectors, safely connect your material to the rest of your technology stack. You can also customise Box to match the specific requirements of your business by using developer tools and APIs.

What age is it appropriate for?

Box is a well-known file syncing and storage service. It is a dependable and feature-rich solution that is best suited for enterprises, however, it can also benefit residential users.

Is Box free?

Box can be easily downloaded for free on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Box easy to use?

The Box interface, which is undoubtedly refined and simple to use, tends to stay simple and minimal throughout all of its various apps. Online storage and synchronisation tool Box interacts with a lot of different services and apps and is simple to use. The mobile app has a nice design and works well with native file management, however, utilising the Box app directly offers the best capabilities.

How will students benefit?

In reality, it's simple to suggest Box as the most comprehensive cloud storage solution that can handle the most demanding workflow and sharing requirements. You can choose any folder in your file system to sync with the cloud using Box Sync. This is convenient since it makes it simple to decide which specific files or folders to back up to the cloud or utilise for online collaboration.

How will teachers benefit?

Box is a fantastic place to store all of your information and is useful for teamwork among staff. It is advised to use the box sync app to easily move files around rapidly.

How will parents benefit?

Businesses can gain from Box's seamless integration with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other software programmes. However, Box really shines at the corporate end of the market, with dozens of other integrations including Slack, Airtable, Tableau, and many more.

What can Box improve on?

Box can crash at any time and can be a little difficult for beginners to use.

How much does Box cost?

The business plan for Box starts at the cost of $5 per month. 

Final thoughts

For companies wishing to utilise their data in the cloud, Box offers a wide range of tools and alternatives. Although it's less enticing for most users, it's jam-packed with third-party connectors and security safeguards. Nevertheless, everything is dependable and well-designed.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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You can download Box for iPhone and iPad on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Box for iPhone and iPad app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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